Oyayubi Hime Monogatari
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Hiromitsu Morita
Years on Air 1992
Episodes 26

Japanese Title: おやゆび姫物語

English Title: Thumbelina: A Magical Story


Unable to control her mischievous young daughter Maya, an exhausted mother seeks the guidance of an old witch living on the edge of town. The witch gives this mother a magical copy of the fairly tale Thumbelina and tells her to read this to Maya. Later, when her mother falls asleep, Maya shrinks and is pulled inside the world of the book. A good witch appears and tells her that she is in her mother's dream world and that in order to return to normal, she must find a way to wake up her mother. To do this, she must travel to a far away southern land to talk to the Crystal Prince, who will help her reach home. During her journey Maya faces many trials and hardships; along the way she befriends members of the dream world, who band together to help her reach the land of the South.

Episode List

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