Ookami to Koushinryou
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Isuna Hasekura
Years on Air 2008-2009
Seasons 2
Episodes 25
Others 1 OVA

ECCHI WARNING: This Magical Girl may contain nude scenes and some scenes may refer to sexual themes. The level of it depends on the Show. Be careful about this.

Japanese Title: 狼と香辛料

English Title: Spice and Wolf

Portuguese Title: Sobre Lobos e Mercadores

Chinese Title: 狼與辛香料

Korean Tilte: 늑대와 향신료

First Season: Ookami to Koushinryou


Spice and Wolf's story revolves around Kraft Lawrence, a 25-year-old traveling merchant who peddles various goods from town to town to make a living in a stylized historical setting with European influences.[6] His main goal in life is to gather enough money to start his own shop, and he already has been traveling for seven years while gaining experience in the trade. One night when stopped at the town of Pasloe, he finds in his wagon a pagan wolf-deity named Holo who is over 600 years old. She appears to be a 15-year-old girl, except for a wolf's tail and ears. She introduces herself as the town's goddess of harvest, who has kept it blessed with good harvests of wheat for many years. Despite her responsibility to watch over the town, she wants to go back to her homeland in the north called Yoitsu; she believes the people have already forsaken her and that she has kept her promise to maintain the good harvests. Holo wants also to travel to see how the world has changed while she has remained in one place for years. She manages to bargain her way out of the village by making a deal with Lawrence to take her with him. As they travel, her wisdom helps increase his profits, but at the same time, her true nature draws unwanted attention from the Church.

Episode List

OVA: Ookami to Koushinryou II: "Ookami to Kohakuiro no Yuuutsu"


Japanese Title: 狼と香辛料II 狼と琥珀色の憂鬱

English Title: Spice and Wolf II: "Wolf and Amber Melancholy"

Airdate: April 30, 2009

Kraft Lawrence, Holo and Nora sit down to have dinner together, but Holo's animosity toward Nora prevents her from enjoying it. Later, Holo falls ill due to fatigue and is forced to rest for a few days. She dreams and reminisces about her past and her journey so far with Lawrence, realizing her affection for him is intensifying. Lawrence treats Holo's fever and fatigue by feeding her and balancing the four humors. Over the course of her sickness, Holo grows closer to Lawrence, but Holo's aversion to Nora continues to cause problems. Nora visits Holo, however, and makes amends after sharing a joke at Lawrence's expense.

Second Season: Ookami to Koushinryou II


Continuing where the first series left off, it follows Kraft Lawrence a experienced traveling merchant and his sharp tongued wolf god companion Holo on their journey to return to Holo's home to the north called Yoitsu. A tender relationship has blossomed between the characters, as they make deals, travel between cities, encounter religious fanatics or vice versa and mostly just do what a traveling merchant has to do to get by.

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