On'na Choujin Soala A SHOW
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General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Toru Kikkawa
Years on Air 2006
Movies 2

Japanese Title: 女超人ソアラA SHOW

English Title: Superwoman Soala A SHOW

First Movie: On'na Choujin Soala A SHOW - Sho -

Airdate: July 14, 2006

Superwoman Soala A who energizes herself with the good that dwells in the hearts of humans, continues fighting against the evil monsters of Geruge. However, her powers are starting to wane... It is because the morals of the people that Soala had continued to protect degenerate and because humans have begun causing many ugly incidents. Soala A is now confronting monster Snake Geruge and is in a pinch. However, she runs into two 12 years old girls with beautiful hearts, called Sora and Sho. Soala A entrusts her power to the two girls. Soala A returns to the invincible warrior she had once been. However, the hearts of Sora and Sho find it hard to become one. If their hearts do not become one Soala A cannot transform. That is their weak point. The monster of the Geruge clan attack the 2 girls who are vulnerable before transformation! The girls are tortured by electric shock and the poison of the snake. However, they are thrown into an even worse predicament.... Will Sora and Sho be able to fuse together and transform into Soala A?!

Second Movie: On'na Choujin Soala A SHOW - Sora -

Airdate: July 28, 2006

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Superwoman Soala A revives thanks to the power of 2 girls named Sho and Sora. Monster Barabaruge of the Geruge clan, targets Sora’s older sister Umi, abducts her and brainwashes her. Sho and Sora fall into a trap set up by brainwashed Umi and are in a pinch....In the midst of battling with the Geruge clan, Sho and Sora break out in disagreement of ideas, and cannot transform into Superwoman Soala A. Sora is wounded in battle and abducted. Her enemy puts her through humiliating torture in order to brainwash her. However, she is rescued by Sora and battles with Geruge once again! They transform into Soala A , but plunge into a great pinch once again because of Umi who is brainwashed! Furthermore, Soala A also disappears and the girls are forced to confront monster Barabaruge, on their own. What will become of the lives of Sho and Sora?! We’ll try and fight with all our might, the two of us....No matter how strong our enemy may be.... Unless both our feelings unite as one, we cannot fuse and become Soala A....

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