Onmyou Sister Murasaki Homura SHIEN
Pac lonmyo-sister shien
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Toru Kikkawa
Years on Air 2010
Movies 1

Japanese Title: 陰陽シスター紫焔SHIEN

English Title: SHIEN the Yin & Yang Sister

Airdate: February 12, 2010


The nun’s name is ”SHIEN(means a personal grudge).” Does the name SHIEN written ”SHI” as ”a persona”” and ”E” as ”a grudge” mean to direct her destiny of being lived as a female ninja, beside as a num? And SHIEN gives her name as the Vin and Yang Sister-SHIEN(also means purple blaze in Japanese), today also she hunts evil persons and repents of her sins toward a cross. Actually, SHIEN was once brought up by an evil organization named ”The Shadow-Society”, and they educated her ninja techniques. So they never forgive SHIEN as their betrayer, and they keep sending assassins to kill SHIEN. But they have lost battles against her entirely. So the enemy kidnaps one priest. He once saved SHIEN from the dark world, and now he acts in her father’s place and he’s so respected by SHIEN. The enemy puts the priest on same mask as the enemy and makes him look like them, and they try to make battles against SHIEN. So she wonders, ”Maybe, it’s my dear priest...!?”, and that makes her hesitate against them and drives her into a deadly corner. In addition to that each time she steps on ”The Depriving Hoodooism Area”, which are put around like mines by the enemy, her protector protects her flesh and feminine virtue are deprived. After her protector is vanished, SHIEN becomes a leotard figure. The assassins are stimulated their sexual desire by seeing such SHIEN and they attack her. In the end, after SHIEN is split into another part called the Curse God, in front of eyes of her original body, she sees that her respected priest insult the another her part, the Curse God one... Well, is it possible for SHIEN to escape from the deadly pinch by her Vin and Yang ninja techniques!?

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