My Dearest Daddy
General Information
Type Philippine Live Action
Created by GMA Entertainment TV Group
Years on Air 2012
Episodes 50


Bong, the son of a rich man who grew up without the guidance and care of his mother.

In the story, Bong is just like his father. He is a smooth "lady-killer" who lives the good life until he meets and falls in love with Rose who is a simple, loving woman who has a unique gift for growing and tending plants. Their love continues to blossom with the birth of a beautiful daughter named Daisy.

Unfortunately, fate has other plans for him and his family. Rose dies in a tragic accident during Daisy’s first birthday. As a result, Bong goes back to his old playboy ways, leaving his daughter to fend for herself. He is unaware of the daily torments that Daisy goes through in the hands of her Lola Mercedes, her Tita Daphne, and cousin Lily, who all want nothing more than to possess all of Bong’s inheritance, including the family company.

Despite the luxurious life she's living, Daisy feels lonely because of the absence of her father. Often, she finds refuge in her beloved mother’s garden, which unknown to her,

My daddy dearest behind the scenes at the press conference my daddy dearest behind the scenes at the press conference 1338990064.jpg

is occupied by a small magical pixie named Winnie. Knowing Daisy’s pain, Winnie decides to help her by granting her one wish: for Daisy’s dad to become a mom instead!

Bong’s life turns upside down as he transforms from a Macho-Papa to a Sexy-Mama!

Meanwhile, Mercedes and her kin seize the opportunity and use Bong’s identity crisis as an excuse to take over the family company.

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