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General Information
Type Philippine Live Action
Created by Pablo S. Gomez
Years on Air 2011
Episodes 68


Mutya (Mutya Orquia), a child mermaid, was the love child of Cordelia (Precious Lara Quigaman), a human, and Prinsipe Irvin (Alfred Vargas), the Prince of the seaworld kingdom. However, their relationship was forbidden as Irvin is set to be married with another royalty mermaid, Nerissa (Niña Jose). Cordelia got pregnant at the time of their relationship, and was forced to give birth to the child. The child was born with an unknown disability, where her legs were attached to each other. Cordelia's mother, Delilah (Sandy Andolong), sees this, was horrified and she decided to abandon the child. She assigned Tonyo (Jayson Gainza) to take away the baby.


Tonyo however brought the child back to his home and treated her as their own and named her Mutya. As Mutya grows up, she was protected by her older brother Aries (Jairus Aquino), who has always been there for her. Mutya was still yet to realize that she is a mermaid. With her legs being attached to each other, it was mistaken as a disability although it was actually her mermaid tail slowly forming.

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