Moon Dreamers
MoonDreamers VHS Cover
General Information
Type English Cartoon
Created by Jackie Waterman McLoughlin
Years on Air 1986-1987
Episodes 16


Little children know a wonderful secret: the universe is divided into three parts – Starry Up, Monstrous Middle and Down (the place we call Earth)! The Moondreamers live high above us in Starry Up. Besides making the stars shine and the moon glow, they send us happy dreams full of fun and adventure. In the center if Starry Up is Dream Central, home of the Moondreamers and the amazing Dream Machine. With the help of the Dream machine and imaginationcombination (the stuff dreams are made of), the Moondreamers fill magic crystals with special dreams and send them to sleepy children on Earth. A dream will come true when the contents of a dream crystal match a child’s secret wish.

But, between Earth and Starry Up is monstrous Middle, where Evil Scowlene lives. Deep in the Castle of Insomnia, Evil Scowlene grumbles and growls because she’s never slept a wink in her life. She wants to steal the amazing imaginatiomcombination and destroy Starry Up so that everyone will be as cranky as she is! She and her nasty helpers, the Sleep Creeps, replace dream crystals with nightmares to wake up sleeping children. But the Moondreamers’ little helpers – the Snoozers – come to the rescue by sliding to Earth on a moonbeam and soothing the children back to sleep, where happy dreams await!

The dolls of the "Moon Dreamers" were works by Hasbro in 1986 and were presented in their own cartoon in the block "My Little Pony And Friends". It was the golden age of cartoons and toys of the 80s!

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