Moegaku 5
Moegaku5 2
General Information
Type Anime
Created by AIC Spirits
Years on Air 2008
Episodes 5 Versions of 8 Episodes (40 in total)

Moegaku 5 logo

Japanese Title: もえがく★5


Mogaku 5 Moe after her transformation
A Tokyo school girl named Tukishima Moe obtains the ability of becoming a magical girl with the help of Ruru. Her duty is to protect Akihabara, the source of moe energy, from falling into the evil hands.

Magical girl Moe and her companion Ruru travels around Akihabara, helping foreign otakus buy the figurines they want, while learning simple English, Korean, Spanish, Chinese and French.

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Moegaku 5 - Opening (All 5 Versions)

Moegaku 5 - Opening (All 5 Versions)

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