Misty May
OtakuNoVideo 02
General Information
Type: Show within a Show
Appear On
Tittle Otaku no Video
Type Anime
Created by Takeshi Mori
Years on Air 1991
Episodes 2

Misty May logo


Misty may on her broom
Misty May is a magical girl show created by the main characters in the Otaku no Video anime series. This is shown at the last minutes of the second episode of Otaku no Video.


Misty may and mascots
The main character, Satsuki, is a quiet girl who's always being picked on. But when she gets hold on her baton... Wow... she changes into the Super Idol, Misty May!

She has two mascots as her partners, Posi-King and Nega-King.

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Otaku no Video - Misty May appearance

Otaku no Video - Misty May appearance

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