Mission: Magic!
Mission Magic Serie de TV-457871315-large.jpg
General Information
Type English Cartoon
Created by Filmation
Years on Air 1973
Episodes 16

Portuguese Title: Missão Mágica


Miss Tickle is a high school teacher who has some magical powers, augmented by accessories in her bag. She supervises the Adventurers Club after school hours. Most episodes start with interaction between the club members that defines the theme for the episode. After this theme definition, Rick Springfield (he plays himself) calls on a magic gramophone to ask the Adventurers Club for help with a problem in one of the magical worlds beyond the blackboard. Miss Tickle transforms a statue of a cat into a real one. The cat, Tut-Tut, is the key that allows her to draw a door on the blackboard that opens and allows the club to travel to the magical worlds. The club members, Tut-Tut, and Miss Tickle travel to the world where Rick and his owl Ptolemy are waiting for assistance. At some point during the episode, Rick will sing a song that is relevant to the episode theme in some way, either in subject or word choice. Miss Tickle, the club, the animals, and Rick resolve the problem of the episode and then Miss Tickle, Tut-Tut and the club members return to the real world. Rick and Ptolemy usually remain in the magical worlds. At the end of the episode the theme is re-emphasized for the club member who raised or was the subject of the initial theme definition. The themes of stories tend to be on subjects such as appreciating what you have, honesty, integrity, proper behavior, and such.

Episode List

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