Miracle Girls
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Nami Akimoto
Years on Air 1993
Episodes 51

Japanese Title: ミラクル☆ガールズ

Italian Title: E' un po' magia per Terry e Maggie

Chinese Title: 奇蹟女孩


Toni and Mika Morgan are identical twins with special powers. Together, they are able to teleport and communicate telepathically. The athletically challenged Mika begs Toni to switch identities with her for her school's sports day track meet, where she and Toni are teamed with Mika's arch-enemy Jackson Neil, in the relay race. Toni, however, finds herself drawn to Jackson. Toni success in the relay causes the captain of the track team, Chris Kubrick, to try to recruit Mika. So, once again the sisters switch identities. However, the science teacher, Shinichiro Kageura, find out about their psychic powers, and begins to stalk Toni. sensing that Mika (who was really Toni) has been behaving strangely, Jackson visits them at home. There he discovers their secret...

Episode List

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