Miracle Dieter Miyuki
General Information
Type Manga
Created by Takaguchi Satosumi
Years on Air 2005-2006
Seasons 2
Episodes 100 (4 Volumes)

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Japanese Title: ミラクルダイエッターMIYUKI



Yukimi Tarafuku is a chubby junior high school student who can't seem to stop eating.

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Her mother insists that she isn't overweight and Yukimi can't bear to throw away extra food, so she eats it instead. Things change when Yukimi manages to pull a special magical dumbbell out of the ground, giving her the power to transform into a Miracle Dieter, a beautiful and slender young woman in a revealing costume defender of good eating habits! However, Yukimi finds that spreading

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the word about healthy cuisine won't be easy, as she must do battle with an evil three-star chef who tempts young girls with calorie-rich treats and dubious weight loss products, and keep her identity secret from her family and schoolmates. She also must battle appetite villains determined to increase the caloric count of girls throughout the galaxy! Alongside Shape-up Cat Amino and Calorie-check Mouse Kuen, Yukimi must save the world from obesity while competing with another Miracle Dieter rival!

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Miracle Dieter Miyuki

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