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Milky Way And The Galaxy Girls
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Created by Lauren Faust
Years on Air 2010
Episodes 2 Shorts
Others 1 book
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Comin Atcha FIN by fyre flye
“What do girls like?”

Ask this question and you’ll probably get all the usual answers, like boys, clothes, and talking to (okay, texting) friends for hours and hours. That’s all cool, but you and I know that girls are sooo much more interesting than that! Sometimes other people forget that we are also passionate about music, art, sports, animals, or learning new things…the list would reach to the moon and beyond. And sometimes we forget that, too. Truth is, being cute, stylish, and cool doesn’t mean giving up what makes you unique—whether you’re crazy smart, an amazing athlete, or just…wacky, like Mars. Although she prefers to be called “eccentric.”

Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls welcome every girl to their celestial sorority. This group of friends is fun and funky and filled with truly unique individuals who have their own interests. Sound familiar? Maybe you have a pal who, like Jupiter,
wants to rescue every stray pet in the neighborhood. Or your best friend is a know-it-all, I mean really good student, like Uranus. The key to discovering who each Galaxy Girl really is, and what she loves, can be found in her personal symbol—whether a heart for our lovely friend Venus, wings for the workout warrior Mercury, or a skull for that cosmic rocker, Pluto.

There’s a Galaxy Girl (or two) for everyone; all you have to do is figure out


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Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls - Chibis In Space

Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls - Chibis In Space

Meet Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls

Meet Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls

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