Meryl Red Lancer
Pac lmeryl red lancer
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Masayuki Toyama
Years on Air 2008
Movies 1

Japanese Title: メリルレッドランサー

Airdate: October 10, 2008


The story is about 2 characters : Meryl Red,an agent of United Nations’secret organization,EIDO,and Violet Lancer,Meryl’s boss. They fight invaders who comes to the earth from another dimension,day and night. The mysterious alien named Dice shows up in front of them. He uses his knowledge of ” the law of Universe ” and traps them. As the story continues,the two heroine find themselves in a situation where they have to fight each other for the first time. Not only that,Dice also suffers them one way or another : controlling their fighitng spirit,separating their spirit from their body, taking away their energy and armors. Dice is on his game insulting the fighters, mentally and physically,in various ways. He even gives them a chance to get out of the purgatory,thinking they are pathetic. But there is a silver lining. Violet Lancer’s got an idea to fight back. Meryl Red must get it before she loses herself and kill Violet!

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