General Information
Type Manga
Created by Matsuri Hino
Years on Air 2002-2004
Episodes 22 (4 Volumes)

Japanese Title: めるぷり メルヘン☆プリンス

Chinese Title: 魔法王子

German Title: Merupuri - Der Märchenprinz


Airi Hoshina, a regular highschool girl who wants nothing but the perfect future husband, family and life, has some pretty high ideals. But, those ideals flipped upside down as she comes across a young boy named Aram, who returns her small mirror, that has been passed on through Airi's family through generations. Airi soon finds that Aram is a prince that came through that very mirror from his world to seek refuge from his half-brother, Jeile, who has cast a horrible spell on him. Airi soon takes in Aram, and finds the next morning that Aram has turned from a child into a young man. Aram's servant, Lei, explains that the spell Jeile cast was supposed to turn Aram into an old man when he entered darkness (night, a dark closet, etc.) and deny him use of his magic. But the spell only half worked. Now, Airi must help Aram get back to his normal self, and try to keep up with finding that perfect man at the same time. But perhaps Airi is closer to that man than she thinks.

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