Mamoru-kun ni Megami

no Shukufuku o!

General Information
Type Anime
Created by Itsuro Kawasaki
Years on Air 2006-2007
Episodes 24

Japanese Tittle: 護くんに女神の祝福を!

English Title: Venus to Mamoru


Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! centers around Mamoru Yoshimura, a high school student who gets accepted into a prestigious school for students endowed with the power of Beatrice due to his high intellect. "Beatrices" are people who have special abilities. Right after first entering the school on his first day, he meets the mysterious Ayako Takasu, also known as the Beatrice's Angel of Death, who is a pretty and popular female student who has exceptional Beatrice abilities and whose powers exceed most others. During their first encounter, moments later, Ayako, who is usually a cold person and is regarded as somewhat of a loner who has never been known to show a smile, suddenly confesses her strong feelings for Mamoru, despite having never met him before. That same day, he is brought in as a member of the student council as Ayako's side as he becomes involved with the dangers and mysteries related to the power of Beatrice.

Episode List

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