Majo to Hyakkihei
General Information
Type PlayStation 3 Video Game
Created by Nippon Ichi Software
Years on Air 2013

Japanese Title: 魔女と百騎兵

English Title: The Witch and The Hundred Knight


Two powerful witches have been battling one another for over a hundred years. Now, the Swamp Witch has unleashed the legendary Dark Knights, and seeks to destroy the Forest Witch once and for all!


The game is stage-based. However, once a stage is cleared, the player can revisit and find paths to new stages and areas. The character's main base of operations is Metallia's house in Niblhenne Swamp. Once the player departs from the swamp, they will be allowed to explore a large, semi-open world. However, the player cannot warp to any location until they activate a Pillar. If the player is KO'ed while exploring, they will return to Metallia's house and forfeit any items they acquired during their adventure. In addition to accepting quests from Metallia, players can encounter NPCs while exploring and accept quests from them. The player can also attack and slay them. NPCs also have the ability to react to how the player treats them, which can lead to NPCs attacking the player if they chose to antagonize them first. The player may also raid NPC villages to gain items.

The game is a hack-n'-slash played from a top-down isometric view that is reminiscent of games like Diablo II. The player character can equip up to 5 weapons and cycle through them to create combos. The player can also equip different "facets" that not only change their appearance but alter their stats and weapon proficiencies. As the game progresses, the player will gain access to special abilities and powers that can help them in battle and increase the bonus gauge, which leads to better rewards after clearing a stage.

While exploring the world, fighting enemies, and using special abilities, the player consumes Giga Calories, or Gcals for short. When the player runs out of Gcals, their HP begins to quickly and continuously deplete until they are KO'ed. The player can restore Gcals by consuming food items or devouring weakened enemies in a short quick time event. However, it is important to note that consuming enemies also places garbage in your stomach (which also serves as your item bag) that take up valuable space.

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