Mahou no Yankii Liberty Maji
Mahou no Yankii Liberty Maji
General Information
Type: Show within a Show
Appear On
Tittle Sket Dance
Type Anime
Created by Kenta Shinohara
Years on Air 2011-2012

Mahou no Yankii Liberty Maji logo

Japanese Title: 魔法のヤンキー リバティ☆真剣

English Title: Magical Delinquent: Liberty☆Maji

Concept / Plot

Mahou no Yankii Liberty Maji on her motorbike
Mahou no Yankii Libe
Mahou no Yankii Liberty Maji using her powers
rty Maji is a magical girl fictional anime that only exists inside the "Sket Dance" real anime. Momoka Kibitsu (Sket Dance character) is the voice actress for Liberty Maji. The story revolves around a princess called Maji that is searching for liberty. She goes with a red motorbike she bought herself and she stops the conflicts in the society. She has an attack with spiked bats and explosive baseball balls that seems to be a clear parody of Mami Tomoe's episode 1 attack of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Also the logo of the series is like the Madoka Magica one.

Appearance in Sket Dance anime

  • Opening 2: Switch wear a Liberty Maji M
    Liberty Maji and Reality Maji cosplay
    ask in a scene.
  • Episode 23: Switch is watching a supposed episode 13 of Liberty Maji called "Lived as Strong as Possible!!... Seriously?". The cover of the DVD 4 is shown. Momoka, as the voice actress of Maji, ask help to the
    Mahou no Yankii Liberty Maji DVD
    Sket Dance members because the next episode of Liberty Magi will be featuring Liberty Magi's past life, Momoka tries to get a figure of a child by observing a kindergarten. In the eyecatch, Momoka is cosplaying as Liberty Maji.
  • Episode 30: Momoka shows a limited edition DVD of Mahou no Yankii Liberty Maji.

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