Mahou no Petenshi

Reality Maji

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General Information
Type: Show within a Show
Appear On
Tittle Sket Dance
Type Anime
Created by Kenta Shinohara
Years on Air 2011-2012
Episodes 77

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Japanese Title: 魔法のペテン師 リアリティ☆マジ

English Title: Magical Swindler Reality Maji

Concept / Plot

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Mahou no Petenshi Reality Maji is a fictional magical girl anime that only exists inside the "Sket Dance" real anime. With an ordinary good versus evil storyline and plenty of battle scenes. Though the series takes place in a fantasy setting, the situations are handled in a down-to-earth manner to present a realistic world view to children watching. Reality Maji is the protagonist of the series. Her three weapons are her genius swindling ability, magic, and her cynical stick. When she defeats a villain, she demands money from them. A sadist, her catchphrase is "will you see stars when I bury you in the ground?" (土に埋まって星を見る, Tsuchi ni umatte hoshi o miru).

Appearance in Sket Dance anime

  • Episode 03:
    Mahou no Petenshi Reality Maji with her calculator.jpg
    The cynical stick appear as a merchandise toy and the series is named for the first time.
  • Episode 07: An advance of a supposed eighth episode titled "Panee! Majikaru rōn arijigoku no kyōfu" ("Crap! The Terrifying Inescapable Magical Loan") (パネェ! マジカルローン 蟻地獄の恐怖) is shown. The announcer voice says this: Falling for her archenemy, Tailcoat Mask's trap,Reality Maji wrapped up in an argument between a certain mother and daughter-in-law.But it
    Mahou no Petenshi Reality Maji Kaoru cosplay.jpg
    was actually her once in a lifetime sub-prime, I mean surprising life-or-death counteratttack extortion! Next time episode 8, Crap! The Terrifying Inescapable Magical Loan". Will you see stas, when I bury you into the ground? (Rality Maji catchprase)
  • Episode 08: Part of the episode 8 of Reality Maji is shown on the TV: Reality
    Mahou no Petenshi Reality Maji otakus room.jpg
    Maji defeat Tailcoat Mask and he asks her to forgive him about her punishment. She only just will access to do it in exchange for money and pulls out her calculator. A scene of her catchprase is also shown.
  • Episode 10: Kaoru wears a Reality Maji cosplay in the Sket Dance members imagination.
  • Episode 17: Some posters and real size pictures are found in the Otaku Club room. Also, Otaku
    Mahou no Petenshi Reality Maji magazine.jpg
    ra, wear a Reality Maji t-shirt.
    Mahou no Petenshi Reality Maji cynical stick.jpg
  • Episode 23: In the eyecatch Himeko cosplays as Reality Maji.
  • Episode 52: A special version of the cynical stick is shown and it's used as a base for an owl. From now, the cynical stick is shown in almost all episodes in the Sket Dance room.
  • Episode 56: Otakura says to has a lucky in Reality Maji level.
    Mahou no Petenshi Reality Maji Kiyoshi cosplay.jpg
  • Episode 70: A picture of Reality Maji in swimsuit is shown on a magazine.
  • Episode 71: Kiyoshi wears a Reality Maji cosplay at the end of the episode.

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