Mahou no Mako-chan
Maco, la sirena enamorada
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Yugo Serikawa
Years on Air 1970-1971
Episodes 48

Japanese Title: 魔法のマコちゃん

English Title: Mako the Mermaid

Italian Title: Una sirenetta fra noi

French Title: Makko

Spanish Title: Maco la Sirena Enamorada

Polish Title: Syrenka Mako


Mako is a young siren and daughter to the King of the Sea. In a stormy day she rescues the young sporto Akira from a wrecked ship, but ends up fallign in love with him. So, with help from the Witch of the Sea, she's transformed into a human, and becomes a highschool student who helps everyone with her strong sense of love and justice and her magical pendant, the "Tear of the Mermaid".

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