Mahou no Iroha!
General Information
Type Manga
Created by Kazurou Inoue
Years on Air 2009-2012
Episodes 17

Japanese Title: 魔法のいろは!

English Title: Magical Iroha!

Mahou no Iroha or Magical Iroha is a manga series by Kazurou Inoue. Mahou no Iroha first aired with 3 volume. First published on 2009 and end on 2012.


Naoki Rikka,14 years old, is not good at a sport, bad grades everyday, not popular, and a harem manga fans. One day, Naoki meet a girl named Iroha when he go to school. Iroha have an ability to use magical power with her wand. When Iroha get Naoki, she tell him that she is her daughter, coming 20 years from future. And she tell that there are magical power in future. But, truly, Iroha come to past with magic for change Naoki future because Naoki will get dark future ahead. Iroha try to protect her father and change the bad habit of Naoki. Naoki like his schoolmate, Nanako and Iroha try to make a good future when Naoki and Nanako live together and make a family so Naoki is not become Demon King and make Iroha become a normal human. Iroha just have 3 days before Naoki on future get execused. Iroha sister and brother, Reika Kujou and Ichinose Saki make Iroha's problem become more difficult to complete. A droid send from Naoki on future to kill Naoki on past. Naoki have to fight himself for getting a bright future!

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