Mahou Yuugi Tobidasu! Hanamaru Daihouken?
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Hiroki Hayashi
Years on Air 2001-2002
Episodes 24
Others 1 OVA

Japanese Title: 魔法遊戯: 飛び出す!!ハナマル大冒険

English Title: Magical Play 2D


The story begins with Padudu, a young girl from the aquatic land Sea Heaven, who has been traveling trying to collect Hanamaru. She accidentally interrupts a fight between Pipin and another female combatant. Pipin defeats her opponent in combat, and as Pipin jumps up and down in celebration, Padudu suddenly falls on top of and incapacitates Pipin. An elderly judge declares Padudu as the winner of the contest and awards Padudu with a Hanamaru. A frustrated Pipin accuses Padudu of stealing her Hanamaru and declares Padudu her lifelong rival. Although at first she seems to hate Padudu for 'stealing' her Hanamaru, over time, they develop a good relationship.

As Padudu and Pipin travel together, they meet an older girl, who is also trying to become a Magical Girl, and has already collected many Hanamaru. Her name is MyuMyu, and she eventually joins the duo. Every once in a while, they meet Nonononn, a criminal who is on the run, and it is revealed she is also from Sea Heaven. They are usually intrigued by her presence, but Padudu wants to be friends with her. Unlike the others, she does not join the group, and continues on her own. It's also revealed she also used to travel with Queen Purilun, and they both tried together to become Magical Girls, but at one point, they took separate paths. A running gag is that it is usually Nononnon's fault for getting Padudu arrested by Ketchup and Mustard.

Episode List

OVA: Mahou Yuugi 3D

Japanese Title: 魔法遊戯 3D

English Title: Magical Play 3D

Airdate: December 29, 2001

Magical Play 3D is an OVA that retells the Magical Play story. Magical Play 3D is noticeably more serious and violent than the original series. Padudu is captured and taken to jail by Ketchup and Mustard, and coincidentally, Nonononn is her cell mate. The keeper of the jail, Cofy, beckons them to fight her, and her 'sister' panther, Panpan. Nononnon and Padudu end up killing Panpan, and Cofy is shot dead. Afterwards, Purilun is shown looking over her city.

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