Mahou Shoujo Lolikko Cutie
Mahou Shoujo Lolikko Cutie introduction
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Type: Show within a Show
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Mahou Shoujo Lolikko Cutie
Mahou Shoujo Lolikko Cutie is a fictional anime that only exists inside "Kannagi" real anime. It seems to have an opening song called "Mamatotte Cutie" (revealed in Kannagi's episode 10). Lolikko Cutie is a pink-haired magical girl that fights against the Magical Evil Company, a group of villains that want to cause chaos in the world. She fights with her talking Magical Stone, and two modes are revealed: The Magical Funny Stone and the Magical Fortune Stone. In a supposed episode called "Tender Impostor", she fights against a blue magical girl. When this blue girl is purified, she becomes to Lolikko Cutie's age and joins to her team.

Appearance in Kannagi anime

  • Episode 1:
    Mahou Shoujo Lolikko Cutie in her introduction
    An scene of Mahou Shoujo Lolikko Cutie is shown when Nagi turns on the TV: Lolikko Cutie performs her introduction and it seems she fights an enemy with her Magical Funny Stone (after her introduction, we only hear the TV audio).

  • Episode 7: Akiba
    Mahou Shoujo Lolikko Cutie with her Magical Funny Stone
    talks about a supposed episode of Lolikko Cutie called "Tender Impostor". The ending of this episode seems to be the trailer of this supposed episode: A president is fainted while Lolikko Cutie pursue a blue magical girl. They are fighting hard. An organization says that the eel fillets are dissapearing. Lolikko Cutie, in her civilian form, is running late to schools when a truck hit her. An ultrama-like heroe say he has two lives. Lolikko Cutie is fighting against an afro hair villain. In class, a classmate apolo
    Mahou Shoujo Lolikko Cutie with her Magical Fortune Stone
    gizes to Lolikko Cutie's civilian form. Lolikko Cutie fights bravely against the blue magical girl flying and launching lasers at the street. The heroe says that he really has three lives. The blue magical girl is purified and becomes a Lolikko Cutie's age girl joining to her team. The trailer ends when both shake hands.

  • Episode 10: The main characters are
    Mahou Shoujo Lolikko Cutie rival
    at the karaoke. Takako puts in the Karaoke TV a song called "Mamatotte Cutie" with music and lyrics by "Lolikko Cutie - The Mama-san Trio". It seems to be the Mahou Shoujo Lolikko Cutie opening according this information.

  • Episode 11 Nagi is watching on TV an episode of Lolikko Cutie: She uses her Magical Funny Stone to hit a pumpkin monster, but he is too hard and she's defeated by him. Lolikko Cutie stand up and change her Magical Funny Stone to the Magical Fortune Stone and now she's able to defeat her opponent.

Lolikko running with a piece of toast in her mouth

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