Mahou Shoujo Lalabel
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General Information
Type Anime
Created by Masahiro Sasaki
Years on Air 1980-1981
Episodes 49
Movies 1

Japanese Title: 魔法少女ララベル

English Title: Magical Girl Lalabel

French Title: Le Monde Enchanté de Lalabel

Spanish Title: Lalabel, La Niña Mágica

Chinese Title: 小仙女麗寶


Lalabel is a magical girl who has a magic wand and a magic case full of magic items. She owns a kitten as a pet. She lives happily in the magic world, until the day she sees the thief Biscus stealing all the magic tools. Startled by her sudden appearance, Biscus swings his magic wand around with dismay. They fall into the human world under the influence of the wand's magic power.

While unconscious, Lalabel is found by an elderly couple, the Tachibanas. They take her home, and upon finding out that she is an orphan, decide to let her stay with them. Lalabel decides to stay until she can capture Biscus. She attends school with Teko, the granddaughter of the Tachibanas, and Toko. She slowly develops a sense of humour and pathos, and finds herself falling in love. Whenever she sees Biscus performing his bad deeds, she has to stop him. Finally Lalabel writes proverbs related to the events of the day in her diary.

Living in the human world, Lalabel discovers fascinating aspects of human beings and finds herself happy there. In the last episode, after the last battle between Lalabel and Biscus, both magic cases get empty of magic items and vanish in the air, now both of them are completely human, the villains become good ones and promise not to storm Lalabel or any of her friends anymore. Lalabel, Teko and Toko move on up to play.

Episode List

Mahō Shoujo Lalabel Movie: Umi ga Yobu Natsuyatsumi

Japanese Title: 魔法少女ララベル 海が呼ぶ夏休み

English Title: Magical Girl Lalabel: The Sea Calls for a Summer Vacation

Airdate: July 12, 1980


During the summer, Lalabel and her friends, Teko and Toko, arrived at the hostel owned by Teko's uncle. Teko's uncle and aunt have gone to the operation of their acquiantance, leaving their son, Ryota, to manage the hostel all by himself. Lalabel decides to help the boy out and together, all of them become involved in the management of the hostel.

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