General Information
Type Manga
Created by Yabuuchi Yuu
Years on Air 2010
Episodes 3

Japanese Title: まほちゅー!

Chinese Title: 魔法戀學苑


Airi Tennouzu, has been graduated from school and now become a middle schooler. However, Airi's mom not register her to normal school but she's will going to private school! Airi's mom said that truly Tennouzu family is a family of a witch and for awakening Airi's magic, Airi must going to that school. Airi first day is full of mess. She doesn't knowing a single person at school, almost getting hit by a car and many more. When she at school, she meet Mitsunari, a mysterious boy being feared by all student and that have a power to read people's mind by looking into his eye. First day she learn about Maho. Airi mistake Maho into magic (Maho spelled like Mahou that means magic). Tango Yura, a student that sit next Airi explained what is Maho and the power about it. But the problem is: What is excately Airi's Maho? She doesn't show any magic and the magical flute that given into all student is not become anything when Airi play it. Now Airi have to learn more about her special school!

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