Magicannon Girl Yongo-chan
Magicannon Girl Yongo-chan Manaka transformation pose
General Information
Type: Show within a Show
Appear On
Tittle Narue no Sekai
Type Anime
Created by Tomohiro Marukawa
Years on Air 2003
Episodes 12

Magicannon Girl Yongo-chan logo

Spanish Title: La Chica Màgica Número 4

Concept / Plot

Magicannon Girl Yongo-chan Manaka in her transformation
Magicannon Girl Yongo-chan is a fictional anime television series show that only exists in the real anime "Narue no Sekai". The main character is Manaka Daito, heroine of the eponymous. By the power of the Magical Cannon of #4, Manaka transforms from a serious young archery
Magicannon Girl Yongo-chan Manaka and Kei
club member to Magicannon Girl Yongo-chan, Magical Girl of Love and Peace. Yongo-chan's name and costume design both derive from the Panzer IV tank, known as Yongo Sensha (IV号戦車) in Japanese. There is another magical girl called Kei, partner of Manaka. The two girls have to fight against an unknown mechanized enemy.

Appearance in Narue no Sekai anime

Magicannon Girl Yongo-chan Manaka speech
Kazuto is the male protagonist and is also an otaku who likes
Magicannon Girl Yongo-chan Narue as Manaka speech
the magical girl anime series, Magicannon Girl Yongo-chan.

  • Episode 3: Kazuto shows to Narue a scene of Magicannon Girl Yongo-chan on his computer: Manaka is in a dark place and sees her defeated friend Kei. Manaka goes to assist her and Kei apologizes. An unknown mechanized enemy appear underestimating the strength of the Magical Girls. Manaka becomes mad and wants to avenge her friend. Manaka transforms and starts to fight with the enemy. Manaka and Kei manages to defeat the enemy and Kei jokes with Manaka.

  • Episode 10: The voice actress of Manaka is showed and a lot of girls including Narue are cosplaying Yongo-chan in this episode.

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