Magical x Miracle
General Information
Type Manga
Created by Yuzu Mizutani
Years on Air 2002-2006
Episodes 45 (6 Volumes)


Mearleawe is a 14-years old amateur witch. She then go to Viegald for learn magic. At the first day, she kidnapped and taken to the Casle by someone. The kidnapper named Vaith, Mearleawe then get a task to become substitute of the great Sage Witch in the country, Sylthfarn, due has a similar face. Sylthfarn dissappear and now Viegald at a danger circumstances. If other country know, Viegald will face great danger. Mearleawe is an amateur witch and she has to become a Sage as a while. But she is an amateur witch, the Sage must learn all spell, not except hard spell. Can Mearleawe replace Sylthfarn for a time while she have to go to school and search The Great Sage? 

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