Magical Nin Nin Shinobu-chan
Magical Nin Nin Shinobu-chan transformation pose
General Information
Type: Magical Girl Parody
Appear On
Tittle Ninin ga Shinobuden
Type Anime
Created by Ryoichi Koga
Years on Air 2004
Episodes 12

Magical Nin Nin Shinobu-chan logo

Concept / Plot

Magical Nin Nin Shinobu-chan in her transformation
Magical Nin Nin Shinobu-chan is a parody that appear in the first part of the final episode of "Ninin ga Shinobuden" anime. In the parody, Shinobu (the main character of Ninin ga Shinobuden) is able to transform with a magical wand into a magical ninja called "Magical Nin Nin Shinobu-chan". Her magical words are "Magical Nin Nin! Angel Shinobu ni Metamorphose!". She fights monsters with her guardian mascot "Onsokumaru". Shinobu is also a candidate for the next Magical Land Queen. When she pass the Queen exam she marries with the magical prince, the real form of Onsokumaru.

Appearance Ninin ga Shinobuden anime

Episode 12, First Part: "Onsokumaru no Himitsu no Maki" ("Onsokumaru's Secret")

Japanese Title: 音速丸の秘密の巻
Magical Nin Nin Shinobu-chan transformation

Magical Nin Nin Shinobu-chan transformation

Airdate: September 23, 2004

Magical Nin Nin Shinobu-chan title
Some Ninjas are watching at the TV the final episode about "Magical Nin Nin Shinobu-chan" titled "See you again Magical Princess". Onsokumaru is talking
Magical Nin Nin Shinobu-chan and Onsokumaru
with a girl about the fact that Shinobu is a candidate to be the next queen of Magical Land. Shinobu transforms into the Magical Nin Nin Shinobu and the title of the series is shown. Shinobu, in her civilian form, enter in her room and tell Onsokumaru she pass the exam to be next queen. He congratulates her and say her that his job is now finished and he has to go.
Magical Nin Nin Shinobu-chan fighting a monster
Shinobu don't want to accept it and an emotional farewell start. He disappear and Shinobu remember all the things they lived together: happily playing, bathing, fighting monsters, sleeping together, etc. While Shinobu is crying, Onsokumaru, in an humanoid form, enters to the room revealing that he is the prince of the Magical Land and will give Shinobu lots of money for travel around the world during three months. Shinobu and Onsokumaru marry and the episode ends.

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