Magical Heart Kokoro-chan
General Information
Type: Magical Girl Parody
Appear On
Tittle School Days
Type Anime
Created by 0verflow

Homare Sakazuki

Years on Air 2007-2008
Episodes 12
Others 2 OVAS

ECCHI WARNING: This Magical Girl may contain nude scenes and some scenes may refer to sexual themes. The level of it depends on the Show. Be careful about this.

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Concept / Plot


Originally an April's Fool in 2007, this is one episode OVA of the "School Days" anime. Shows Kokoro Katsura, the little sister of one of the main characters, from her other side. A mahou shoujo out to save the world, or something like that. Kokoro-chan is a super-heroine called Magical Heart and has to fight the forces of Evil. Off course, all the other School Days characters play a role.

Appearance in School Days anime

Ova 2 - "Magical Heart Kokoro-chan"


Magical Heart Kokoro-chan OVA


Airdate: March 6, 2008

On a train ride to school, Makoto watches a flying saucer get shot down at the presumed hands of a little girl in costume. The following afternoon, Kotonoha visits Radish, a restaurant where Kokoro is waitressing with Sekai, Hikari and Nanami. The four of them receive an obscure phone call and excuse themselves into a secret underground facility, where they are told that a mysterious gas is turning men into lecherous zombies.

The Radish Mobile Squad girls

After transforming into the Radish Mobile Squad, a group reminiscent of Super Sentai, the girls confront Doctor S, a supervillian portrayed by Setsuna, and her assistant Tanaka, a schoolboy whose face is never seen. Their effort to vacuum the gas out of the city backfires, leaving everyone but Kokoro, who has gone missing, in peril. Out of nowhere, a little girl casts a large spell over the zombies, returning them to normal people, and proclaims herself as Magical Heart. Doctor S inflates Tanaka to a gargantuan size, who proceeds to wreak havoc on the

Kokoro-chan as Magical Heart

surrounding city. Unable to defeat the large foe and swatted from the air, Makoto catches Magical Heart and is then rescued by Magical Word, another superhero portrayed by Kotonoha. The two heroines fuse their powers together, creating and piloting a similarly large mech of 0verflow's mascot, which after pushing Tanaka to the ground, summons a large chainsaw and cuts him down the middle. Doctor S retreats and things return to normal. The next day everyone meets up at Radish to talk, where Makoto draws a similarity between Kokoro and Magical Heart.

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