Magical Doropie
General Information
Type NES Video Game
Created by Vic Tokai
Years on Air 1990

Japanese Title: まじかるどろぴー


The following plot summary is translated from the mobile version's website: "The year is 1999. The player was put in the middle of a war already lost.When the Akudama Empire, (known as the Krion Empire outside of Japan), attacks the Earth with his army of robots. No conventional weapon in existence is efficient against this opponent. The robots are, however, totally vulnerable to magic. An hired mercenary, Kagemaru, summons the only non-sealed witch, Doropie (known as Francesca outside of Japan), to stop the Akudama Empire's offence. The imperial army, led by an old nemesis of Doropie, Empress Elysia, does not surrender though. Elysia captures Kagemaru and blackmails Doropie into breaking her seal and setting her free. It seems that the mercenary lost his life, and Doropie sets out to stop the now-free Empress. After the battle, the dying Empress Elysia confesses the reasons behind the invasion and apologizes. The imperial warship explodes shortly thereafter, but not before Doropie escapes it. She is contacted by Kagemaru, who apparently has survived the wounds that Elysia inflicted on him. Doropie comes back to Earth shortly afterwards."


Players control a wand-wielding character that fires different types of projectiles based on the wand type the player has selected. The wand selection is signaled by the changes in the player's outfit color. The powers included are the normal shot (red outfit), the phoenix ability (pink outfit), the freeze shot (blue outfit), the bouncing ball shot (green outfit), the shield ability (orange outfit), and the broom ability (purple outfit). The game play resembles Capcom's Mega Man series, while the cut scenes resemble the ones in Tecmo's NES version of Ninja Gaiden. However, unlike the first three Mega Man titles, The Krion Conquest allows players to shoot directly upward, crouch to dodge enemies and projectiles, and charge attacks. (These actions were later incorporated in Mega Man 4 and most of the later Mega Man titles that feature the charging "Mega Buster.")

The North American version of this game, The Krion Conquest, excluded some features from its Japanese version, Magical Kids Doropie. Due to the perceived popularity of difficult video games in North America, Vic Tokai removed the "continue" feature. The most obvious difference between the original Japanese release and the North American version is the removal of every cut scene except the slightly modified introduction sequence and several redrawn in-game graphic elements. No official English names were given to other characters. The circled hexagram (resembling the Star of David) at the end of each stage in the Japanese version was removed in the North American version because Nintendo of America does not allow religious content in video games.

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