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General Information
Type Spanish Live Action
Created by José Tomás Larrain
Years on Air 2005-2006
Seasons 2
Episodes 24


The series tells the story of Isidora, a young witch who lives in the world of mortals and at the age of 16 must fulfill the mission of protecting the Book of power. This task will not be easy, as the ambitious witches Venus and Olivia will do everything to take the book, so Isidora be assisted his father Homer, a wise and experienced sorcerer. They have a medallion that will increase his powers, which has a pearl in the center, the color separates the good from the bad witches. Isidora color is blue, the Red Homer, the Venus is black and Olivia is purple. Throughout history, Isidora has to fight Venus and Olivia to not get the book, well, against other wizards and sorcerers more power they had the same goal as Venus and Olivia must get the book at all costs, and the council of wizards and sorcerers Venus gave a timeframe for the book, if you did not get during that period, would cast into the mortal world as a mere mortal.

Episode List

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