Maboroshi Sentai Misty Ranger
Pac lmisty ranger.jpg
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Kanzo Matsuura
Years on Air 2009
Movies 1

Japanese Title: 幻戦隊ミスティーレンジャー

Airdate: November 13, 2009


The only girlie member Sumire, aka Misty Pink, belonging to the Mysterious Misty Ranger, a secret organ set up for preservation of the world’s peace, is spending her time relaxed on a holiday which she has taken after a long while. Called to report at the headquarters in an emergency, Sumire hurries back but finds the instruction fictitious, a trap set by the junto of evils. With the headquarters put under enemy control, Commander Shirogane has been taken hostage! Their objective is to destroy the Rangers’ secret outposts while Misty Ranger and other Rangers are away on vacation. The junto tortures Sumire to get the information on the secret outposts. Trained to withstand any hard tortures, Sumire wouldn’t crack. Commander Shirogane, seeing her hardship, blurts out the secret whereabouts. With her peers taken as hostage, Sumire is now forced to set out to destroying the outposts herself with high explosives. Time limit is set for three hours. She has to confront the strongman Phantom! Sumire has no way out. Will she ever rescue Commander Shirogane and foil the formidable bombing plan!

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