Ma ga Ochiru Yoru
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Cranberry
Years on Air 2006
Episodes 3

HENTAI WARNING: This Magical Girl Show contains lots of nude and explicit sex scenes, be careful and be sure that you are 18 years of age or older to watch it.

Japanese Title: The Night When Evil Falls

English Title: 魔が堕ちる夜


Sheliss Elleness Zurbach suddenly appears out of the blue in modern day Tokyo. Destiny has brought her to the human world, destiny in the form of an evil adversary named Gilva. Needing help in tracking down her enemy, she enlists a sexy demon killer.

What Sheelis didn't count on was that a crazed, slimy, tentacled magician would paralyze her and turn her into a sex slave. The slimy tentacles slither all over the paralyzed princess' body.

A long night of sexual punishment is about to begin...

Episode List

1- "Demonic Princess"

Airdate: August 25, 2006

2- "Midara na Mizushi" ("Slutty Mizushi")

Airdate: October 27, 2006

3- "Haibokusha no Injoku" ("Yes, my birthplace")

Airdate: December 22, 2006

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