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General Information
Type French Cartoon
Created by Marathon Média
Years on Air 2014-2017
Episodes 52

Japanese Title: ロリロック

Russian Title: ЛолиРок

Arabic Title: لولي روك

Hebrew Title: לולירוק


Iris’ life is turned upside down when she learns that the pop girl group, Lolirock, is holding an audition in her town, and she decides to try out. As soon as she grabs the microphone and starts to sing, she’s surrounded with the glow of a thousand magical lights. Little did she know, the stars of Lolirock, Talia and Auriana, have been searching and have finally found their missing princess.

The Lolirock Princesses are reunited at last!

Lolirock is based on an unwavering friendship between three princesses who live together and tour members of the group, Lolirock. They also share a secret: They come from a distant land, Ephedia.

While making this world a better place, they use their magical powers to collect oracle gems which will help them save their own planet from the Evil tyrant, Gramorr.

Together they fight against injustices to find the magical gems that will free Ephedia.

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