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Hime Chen! Otogi

Chikku Idol Lilpri

General Information
Type Anime
Created by Mai Jinna
Years on Air 2010-2011
Episodes 51

Lilpri logo.png

Japanese Title: リルぷりっ

Chinese Title: 變身公主

Italian Title: Piccole Principesse Lil'Pri



Fairyland is a place where Fairy Tales are born, but the land slowly starts to disappear along with the Happiness Tones causing a ripple effect on Earth where their stories are popular. The Happiness Tones are originally something from people's hearts which helps cultivate the land. The Queen of Fairyland believes that the "Three Princesses" would save Fairyland and decided to entrust Sei, Dai, and Ryoku with a task to find them in the human world. Sei is a bird that belongs to Snow White, while Dai is a doormouse that belongs


to Cinderella, and Ryoku is a dragon that belongs to Kaguya-hime. As they enter the human world, they use the 3 gems that their Majesty had given them, and eventually finds the princesses at Wish's Concert, but they couldn't believe the fact that the princesses were children. The three princesses were: Ringo the Snow White Princess, Reira the Cinderella Princess, and Natsuki the Kaguya-hime Princess, who are huge fans of Wish. The 3 gems had three colors which are Pink, Blue, and Purple. Sei, Dai, and Ryoku come to realize that Ringo, Reila, and Natsuki were the real princesses when they asked the gems to find them once more. The princesses used the power of the gems which granted them powers of a miracle idol at Wish's concert and ultimately became a secret idol stars called "Lilpri". Ringo, Leila, and Natsuki had accepted the Queen's request of being Lilpri to save Fairyland, but they find out that no one in the human world should know that they're Lilpri or they wouldn't be able to transform to save Fairyland.

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