Lady Cypress
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General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Hiroshi Nagai
Years on Air 2010
Movies 2

Japanese Title: レディーサイプレス

First Movie: Lady Cypress Vol.1

Airdate: May 14, 2010

Kanon Kirishima is a children’s doctor of a general clinic. She is always working with a gentle smile and is adored by the kids. It is a sunny and peaceful afternoon. A nurse Aoi Enishi is falling asleep beside her. Enishi has been a great fan of the tokusatsu TV series “Queen Swan” since the day she first watched the program as a little girl, and she has been nightly making the heroine’s costume. When the costume is finished, overjoyed Enishi secretly dresses up as her beloved heroine and poses on the rooftop of the hospital. On her way back she encounters a Georgesrunt, an alien from outer space. When she is attacked by the alien, she discovers she has strange powers that she has never known before. Next day a bizarre incident takes place in the hospital!! The assistant director Saeko Kyogoku knows the time has come. Among the chaos Enishi hurries to the battlefield as if following the story of the TV series. Kanon also follows Enishi, worried about her. The nurse and the doctor are saved by the mysterious female warrior Gadget Woman. Kanon and Enishi find themselves as superheroines who must fight the evil aliens trying to conquer the earth, the only hope to protect the peace of Japan and the entire humans.

Second Movie: Lady Cypress Vol.2

Airdate: June 11, 2010

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Here are two girls, Kaon(means a flower with sound) receives the heroine’s sword and Midori(means pure blue). Kaon is told the origin of the sword from a lady named Saeko(means clearness) , and gets to know the Gazette-Woman’s past and secret. On the other hand, an attack of the George-Lunt star people gets into stride still more. Sakeo’s son named Tsukasa(means rule) is abducted. The son is used as a human shield, and the Gazette-Woman is deprived her mask which is a source of her power, and she is teased obstinately. Although Kaon and Midori appear to rescue her shortly this time, all three persons are totally captured. Rancorous torture of the George-Lunt star people starts. They get a whipping, a subjugation play and a torture of a strong acid body fluid, and three persons’ belief and responsibility are likely to be discouraged. Saeko has weakened utterly. But Kaon aims at the opportunity of an inversion. However, a person who opens the breakthrough is Midori at the risk of her life. In sadness, the sole survivor, Kaon=the Lady-Cypress changes two persons’ souls to power, and she rises again.

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