La Bruixa Avorrida
Bruixa aburrida
General Information
Type Spanish Cartoon
Created by Roser Capdevila
Years on Air 1999-2000
Episodes 52

English Title: The Bored Witch

Spanish Title: La bruja Aburrida

Italian Title: La strega annoiata

Portuguese Title: A Bruxa Onilda


Like all witches, our Bored Witch has extraordinary adventures full of humorous incidents. Using her powers, more magical than evil, she changes ordinary everyday life into an exciting experience. She lives in today’s world with her traditional get up –her magic broomstick is equipped with jet propulsion and modern gadgets like a cellular phone. She is a blend of fantasy and reality and brings us the stories of her birth, her infancy, her marriage, her first experience on TV, and her trips to New York, London, Paris… and even on the internet.

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