General Information
Type Anime
Created by Rie Matsumoto
Years on Air 2011-2013
Episodes 10
Others 6 ONAS + 3 extras

Japanese Title: 京騒戯画


Long ago, high priest Myōe, had the ability to make anything he drew come to life. This ability scared the villagers of his town, and made him an outcast. In his mountain home he drew a variety of things, not least of which was a surreal town called Kyoto (鏡都, lit. Mirror Capital). One of his drawings, a rabbit named Koto, whom he drew as the God of the Mirror Capital, came to life upon striking a deal with a Bodhisattva. Lady Koto managed to win the love of Myōe. After finding a war orphan, Yakushimaru, and taking him under their wing as an adoptive child, the family dimension hop to Kyoto for a better life. Myōe draws two siblings for Yakushimaru. Yase, and Kurama. The five of them live happily together until Lady Koto, having fulfilled her end of the deal with the Bodhisattva, has to be taken away. With their time as a family at its end, Myōe leaves Yakushimaru the title of high priest, and his prayer beads, telling him that he will return with the beginning and the end in tow.

Years later Yakushimaru runs Kyoto as part of the Council of Three with Yase and Kurama as they await the return of their mother and father, a girl who bears resemblance to both Myōe and Koto, whose name is also Koto, finds her way into Kyoto, a feat never before achieved. Koto spends her days in Kyoto living with Myōe, searching for a way to return home, while also trying to find clues about her own family. Eventually Kurama manages to hatch a plan with the use of the adamantine giant Bishimaru and Koto to force open the gate leading to Kyoto, allowing Lady Koto to return. Her return however threatens to destroy the entire multiverse, and draws the negative attention of the Shrine, a mysterious organization that acts to keep the peace of the multiverse.

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