Kuusou Senshi Imaginer
Pac limaginer
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Eiji Kamikura
Years on Air 2006
Movies 2

Japanese Title: 空想戦士イマジナー

English Title: Fantasy Warrior Imaginer

First Movie: Kuusou Senshi Imaginer Dream

Airdate: September 08, 2006

The school child and three Hayume for which it yearned to a super-hero picked up the black note that the space alien of a certain day mystery had dropped. The monster and shadow raged in the town in the news of TV that night passes though the dream joyfully drew the monster It was a companion, and who it was an appearance that I become a super-hero, and was enemy who fought together in the note. The dream’s having drawn in the note has realized it. Naturally, to the thing that the dream also obtains the transformation ability... The dream of feeling the responsibility of my doing in the town of pandemonium confronts the shadow alone, and a desperate fight is one-sidedly almost defeated, too. The last hope is placed, the persuasion is tried to the companion and the Kitami mind drawn in the note when it wants you to fight together, and it is refused tragically. The shadow keeps raging in the town, and people are sacrificed one after another. The dream in one person shadow in a desperate resolution the re-war to the pinch again ahead of the difference of overwhelming power though it challenges. However, having come there to help the dream...

Second Movie: Kuusou Senshi Imaginer Heart

Airdate: September 22, 2006

Pac limaginer2
It is a dream and Kokoro where the monster and the shadow were defeated. manage to match the power of two people. Two people do the decision to look for the note of the mystery that became an origin of an affair. However, the appearance and Ribarsar that the shadow reproduces: to an appearance large pinch in front of Kokoro of the space alien who is an original owner of the note ahead of the dream. The dream: to the body of the defeat capturing in front of the space alien though Kokoro succeeded in making it manage to pierce the weak point of Ribarsar and flee... The space alien’s questioning by violent blitz shock. However, it is helpless in the dream that doesn’t really know the cover of the note. Can the dream escape really from the hand of space alien’s? And, the conclusion with archenemy Ribarsar...

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