Koujin Sentai Space Ranger
Pac lspace ranger1
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Masayuki Toyama
Years on Air 2008
Movies 2

Japanese Title: 光神戦隊スペースレンジャー

English Title: Light God Sentai Space Ranger

First Movie: Koujin Sentai Space Ranger - First Part

Airdate: January 25, 2008

The King of Valhalla keeps the peace of the universe with his treasure sword. However, the Princess Sophie, so concerned about his health, does one reckless thing; she snatches the sword from the King and throws it away! This should not be known to the governments of the planets nearby which might take advantage of the situation at any minute, so the King selects three warriors and orders them to retrieve the missing treasure. The three travel to Earth and start their mission, but as none of them is willing to cooperate with one another, it is decided that each warrior should search alone. And Sting Blue is the first who finds the missing treasure. When the three warriors’ mission seems going smooth, evil Dron Falk from Dark Planet, who heard the rumor of the missing sword, confronts Sting Blue! Will Sting Blue win the battle against Dron Falk and his overwhelming power only Drom Baim warrior has?

Second Movie: Koujin Sentai Space Ranger - Second Part

Airdate: February 22, 2008

Pac lspace ranger
The minister of Valhalla and Dron Ryulk, the younger brother of Fork, show up in front of the three fighters. Having been obliged to let go of the treasure sword ”Claimh Solais” in exchange for Princess Sophie, the three decide to once back off. Orna Black and Caliban Red take care of Princess Sophie but Sting has an instinctive dislike of her. Sophie speaks to Sting in this condition in private. These two seem understand each other but Princess Sophie beats on Sting all of a sudden. Flat-footed Sting is brought over to the hideout of Ryulk. Rulk, who claims overwhelming might, brainwashes the princess and... Will the intentions of the three fighters unite to be able to defeat Ryulk? Or will they lose to Ryulk helplessly?

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