Kono Minikuku mo

Utsukushii Sekai

General Information
Type Anime
Created by Gainax
Years on Air 2004
Episodes 12

Japanese Title: この醜くも美しい世界

English Title: This Ugly and Beautiful World

Spanish Title: Este Feo y Bello Mundo

Chinese Title: 醜陋美世界


Takeru and Ryou are high school students who work doing deliveries for the former's uncle. One night, the two go to investigate a mysterious light in the woods only to find a young girl emerging from the light. Takeru and Ryou are attacked by an alien, which is defeated when Takeru transforms into a powerful and strange-looking beast himself. The girl, whom the boys name "Hikari" (light), is taken in by Takeru when she confesses to having no memory of who she is.

They are later joined by Jennifer Portman, an American scientist with an interest in the boys and Hikari; Ioneos, a shape-shifting robot loyal to Hikari; Kuon, a little floating alien; and Akari, Hikari's "sister", who also appeared just as Hikari did. The series follows the daily lives of its characters as they learn about the human condition, Hikari and Akari's alien origins, and face the incoming monsters and catastrophes.

Episode List

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