Kimitsu Sentai Black Eyes
Pac lblack eyes
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Sosuke Higashimura
Years on Air 2012
Movies 1

Japanese Yitle: 機密戦隊ブラックアイズ

English Title: Classified Force Black Eyes

Airdate: August 24, 2012


A girl named Miyuki Kibamochi(means fangs like pure snow) has been retired from a assassination jobs and now she leads a quiet life. But one day she is called by a guy named Kizaki(means boardwalks in shores) in the Defense Agency and he begs her to fight against an alien called Scylla that is aiming at the earth. She mercifully accepts the request, and now she becomes the Black-Griffon, a member of the Confidential Fighting Unit Black-Eyes. When Miyuki as the Black-Griffon consented to fight, she also recommended her old fellow named Hina Tsubasa (means wings over the sun) as one of the members. But she was told that actually Hizaki already looked for her, but that he couldn’t find her. Miyuki as the Black-Griffon worries about Hina Tsubasa. But the meantime, she fights against Scylla and her subordinate monsters with her members of fighting unit: Keiko Raia(means a firefly flies like thunder) is Miyuki’s junior as the Black-Dragon, Ryo Hashiba(means wings of firewood) is a younger sister of Miyuki’s old standing foe(when Miyuki was an assassin) named Rei Yazawa(means an elegant girl with plenty of arrows), and Ryo Hashiba transforms herself into the Black-Pegasus. But, occasionally Miyuki sees Hina during a battle, so that Miyuki chases Hina while being helped by other members, and Miyuki finally meets with Hina. However, Hina has been petted by Scylla, and now she is a monster called Roosa. Mikiyu keeps thinking about Hina, so that she cannot fight satisfactorily and she is beanten up by Roosa and Scylla. She determines to transform herself into the Black-Griffon, but in the middle of the transformation, she is attacked by Scylla, and under an uncompleted condition, she receives vigorous attack by Scylla and others. Now she’s defeated and totally captured. Scylla makes Roosa torture Miyuki, and violently teases Miyuki’s flesh and spirit. But fortunately, Keiko as the Black-Dragon comes there and rescues Miyuki while her fighting energy is taken away. Then, Keiko loses her life when she fights against Scylla and others who are after her. Miyuki burns with anger and transforms herself into the Black-Griffon and fights together with the Black-Pegasus who rushes in, and the two heroines are about to have a decisive battle but...

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