Kidou Shinsengumi

Moeyo Ken

General Information
Type Anime
Created by Toshikatsu Tokoro

Junki Takegami

Years on Air 2003-2005
Episodes 13
Others 4 OVAS

Japanese Title: 機動新撰組 萌えよ剣

English Title: New Commanders ~Swords of Heaven~


Anime TV Series: Set in an alternate universe Meiji Era, the lead male character of the story, Ryunosuke Sakamoto, is travelling from Shanghai towards Kyoto with his newly-licensed yōkai Nekomaru. The law in the story states that to be in legal possession of such a creature that it must be licensed. The Shinsengumi are enforcers of this law.

Anime OVA: The main characters are three girls from the Shinsengumi who battle yokai and ayakashi (demons and spirits) to protect the city of Kyoto.

Episode List