Kampanerang Kuba
General Information
Type Philippine Live Action
Created by Pablo S. Gomez
Years on Air 2005
Episodes 140

English Title: Hunchbacked Lady Bell-ringer



Lucia and Lourdes Saavedra are half-sisters. Lucia has fallen in love with Antonio (a poor man of whom her father disapproves), while Lourdes falls in love with Martin. She is unaware that he is Prinsipe Abuk, who has betrayed his people to be human instead of a kuba and who has fallen for Lucia. Lucia marries Antonio; she later believes he was killed from a beating her father engineered. Her maid (and friend) Jacinta told her he was dead to one day win his love. Lucia was also told that her baby daughter was stillborn (although she is sure she heard her cry before she lost consciousness). Lourdes gives birth the same night, delivering a baby girl whom she saw was a kuba before she passed out. Martin switches his baby with Lucia's, leaving his own baby at a church.

The kampanera

The young kuba is named Imang, and grows up to be the kampanera (the person who rings the church bell). She later becomes the nursemaid of Lourdes, and bonds with her immediately. Lourdes' "daughter" Veronica is jealous and finds comfort with her Aunt Lucia, who has returned home after beginning a new life with her American husband and stepson Luke. Lucia has doubts that Veronica is her daughter, since she has never felt a motherly bond with her. Lourdes is jealous of Lucia's closeness to Martin.

The nuns try to help Imang, and brought her back to life after Martin wrongly convinced people she was evil and deserved to be stoned for stealing a sacred crown from the church. They later found a candle that, when lit, would make her human. She used this to pretend to be Lucia's long-lost daughter Bernadette to remain close to her mother Lourdes (who, after Imang's "death", was finally told by the nuns that Imang was really her daughter).

Meanwhile, Veronica is angry that Luke has not returned her love and loves Bernadette instead. She uses magic to change her appearance, and adopts the name Agatha to gain her family's trust and avenge Bernadette. Pablo has fallen for Bernadette (although he would always make fun of her as Imang), and the truth about his parentage is raised. Lorenzo loved Imang when she was a kuba. After Lucia's husband Clark dies, she discovers that Antonio did not die; he has lost the use of his legs and believes she betrayed him (when, instead, her father was to blame).


In the end, everybody finds out whose daughter belongs to whom. Bernadette/Imang does not need the candle to remain human. Veronica is turned into a tree for her many misdeeds, and her parents rekindle their marriage while they care for her. Martin is a kuba, and Lourdes still loves him now that he is good. Luke sacrificed his life for Imang/Bernadette; Bernadette chooses to be with Pablo, while Lorenzo finds another who looks like her.

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