Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai
Kami nomi zo shiru sekai s3 cover by anouet-d6j4coa
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Tamiki Wakaki
Years on Air 2010-2013
Seasons 3
Episodes 36
Others 5 OVAS

Japanese Title: 神のみぞ知るセカイ

English Tittle: The World God Only Knows

French Title: Que sa volonté soit faite

Chinese Title: 只有神知道的世界

First Season: "Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai"

Keima Katsuragi, a second-year high school student, is an avid player of gal games (video games that involve interactions with anime-stled pretty girls). He is known on the Internet as "The God of Conquests" (落とし神 Otoshi-gami) for his legendary skills to be able to "conquer" any 2D girl in games. However, in his actual school life, Keima is called otamegane (オタメガネ), a derogatory portmanteau of the two words otaku (オタク) and megane (メガネ, "glasses"), and is considered nothing but an intelligent yet gloomy geek with glasses.

At the start of the series, Keima receives an e-mail offering him a contract to "conquer" girls. When he accepts, thinking it is an invitation to a game challenge, a cute demon from Hell named Elsie appears: a Spirit Hunter. She asks for his cooperation to help her in catching the evil spirits that have escaped to the Human Realm: the "Loose Souls", which were once Old Demons from Hell. These evil spirits hide themselves inside the hearts of people (in their case, girls), feeding off the hosts' negative emotions to replenish their power and strength, in becoming whole demons once again (which in turn, the host becomes an empty shell of a person). Elsie suggests that the only method to force the evil spirits out is by "conquering" the girls' hearts, making them fall in love with him and filling up the gaps which the escaped evil spirits hide in, in which she is then able to capture them. Interested only in video game girls, however, Keima is appalled by the idea, and refuses the assignment as he has no romantic real life experiences whatsoever. Nevertheless, with the contract already agreed, Keima has no choice but to help Elsie no matter what, as they will be beheaded by an invisible (to others) purple collar around their necks if they fail.

After winning the hearts of several girls (and capturing the spirits residing in them), Keima and Elsie are given an even greater mission: to awaken the six goddesses known as the Jupiter Sisters. Each sister is dormant in the heart of a girl among those they have previously helped, thus Keima must locate them and conquer their hearts a second time, as the girls have had their memories of falling in love with him erased. However, his time is limited as a rebel demon faction called "Vintage" is planning to capture the goddesses and take over the world.

After Vintage's plans are thwarted, Keima starts seeing visions of a child who is somewhat familiar to him. The goddesses send Keima and Elsie to the past with the task of helping her. Upon arriving, they team up with a mysterious girl who apparently has some connection with Dokuro, Elsie's superior in the underworld, and Keima discovers that several occurrences in the past are different from what he remembers, leading to a tragic chain of events that he must avert to ensure that the present stays unaltered, as well as another demon faction which releases giant humanoid monsters.

As Keima completes his final mission, he discovers the truth about one of the giants and is able to reconcile with it. He is relieved from the collar and returns to his normal life, although Elsie chooses to remain with him. He then confesses to the one of the girls who has liked him from the beginning.

In addition to Keima's romantic comedy adventures, the series makes fun of and parodies common, and popular cliches about dating sims, anime character stereotypes, and pop culture.

Second Season: "Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai II"

Katsuragi is back, and together with Elsie the hunt for loose souls continues on. This time however, they are joined by Elsie's friend and fellow Demon, Haqua.

Third Season: "Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen"

After releasing fourteen girls from the grasps of runaway spirits by making them fall in love with him, Keima has proven himself to be the Capturing God of both the 2D and 3D worlds! But a new challenge awaits as Diana, the goddess possessing Keima's neighbor Tenri, tasks him to find her siblings, and his only clue to their whereabouts resides with past conquests who still retain their memories. Now Keima is on the hunt in hopes that these divine beings might finally release him from his contract with Hell. But with the shadowy organization known as Vintage out to kill these girls, it becomes a race against time to put a stop to their plans and restore these goddesses to their former power!

Episode List


1- "FLAG.0" ("Episode 0")

Airdate: September 17, 2010

A preview OVA before the first season series. It begins with Dokuro Skull speaking to her members in Hell through the monitor, until Elsie de Lute Irma appears, ready to go to Earth to ask for help from the 17-year old gamer Keima Katsuragi in capturing runaway spirits. Even though she's in disbelief that Elsie will be of any help, Dokuro tells Elsie that Keima is named "The God of Conquest".

2- "Yonin to Aidoru" ("4 Girls and an Idol")


Airdate: September 16, 2011

It is a blistering hot day at Majima. Chihiro and Miyako are looking at a huge poster. Miyako asks Chihiro what she had bought. Chihiro replies "snacks to eat". Miyako then said that the studio probably doesn't allows outside food to be consumed in there. Chihiro seemed shocked as Ayumi hurries over to them. Ayumi apologies for being late as Chihiro assures her that they still have some time left. Miyako then said that all they have to do is to wait for Elsie as she fans a sweating Ayumi. Chihiro then begins to write a song in her cell-phone as her friends commented on how determined she is Ayumi wanted to see the lyrics but Chihiro does not allow. As Ayumi was complaining how much of a spoil-sport Chihiro is, Elsie rushes in and apologies to them. Only to be teased for being late. After the commotion, the four decided to leave for the studio as Elsie looks up to a huge Kanon poster that Chihiro and Miyako was look at.

Later, at the studio, Miyako proved Chihiro wrong by showing her the "no food and drinks" sign. Chihiro sighed but she did said that she's still got the prizes- a toy tapir and a toy antelope, commenting that they will be their first two audiences. Chihiro then gives a speech about how being the leader of the group and doing this the first time was really exhilarating before wishing her band to do their best. And so they begin to practice their musical talents. After the practice, Ayumi and Elsie comments on how easy it is to be in a band. Miyako then said that she's recorded the song and asks if they should hear about it. Chihiro agrees and said that they must have been geniuses not knowing that her toys are dropped on the recording box.

At a nearby cafe, the girls are depressed as the music they played was horrible. Miyako then comments on how challenging this really must be as Elsie realises that her tune was not in the music. Chihiro then asks Elsie if she had plugged in the shielded cable to which the latter becomes confused. Ayumi then said that if they didn't practise, they can never be good. Chihiro then realizes that Ayumi has her club activities, Elsie is helping out at cafe grandpa, Miyako has cram school while she's mostly moody. Elsie then said why not they form a light music club based on an anime they watched. Ultimately, the group agrees to this and tries to form a club only to be disallowed by Kodama and being scared away when the latter agrees to form that club should all of them get full marks for an upcoming English exam. Kodama then gets disappointed when the four left.

Later, at the school hall, a girl holding an umbrella is strolling on the school roof. At the class, The four girls are discussing about getting full marks and munching on snacks that Chihiro bought. Miyako (Previous score:82) complains that this is a challenging feat. Chihiro (Previous score:68) then said that if this is for the band, it school work shouldn't be involved. Ayumi (Previous score:35) defends by saying that she's just more focused on her club activities.Elsie (Previous score:18) then states that she had difficulty in understanding Kanji if only they where in Hellian, she'll passed. Ayumi then asked what Hellian was, to which Elsie replied that it is the language in hell. Chihiro then stated that perhaps there is nothing they can do to change the situation and frets that they have already come up with a band name,a logo and tickers. Miyako then stated that they're still in need of a drummer.

As Elsie replays their music, the girls begin to comment that their music is getting better. As they are discussing about the toys Chihiro won, the mysterious girl (reviewed as Kanon) begins to ask about when the term tests are to begin. However, the idol's appearance leave them dumb folded. Kanon then saw Chihiro's guitar and asks if they're in a band. Chihiro then asks Elsie to erase their music. Kanon then said that she's glad that there are people who do music in her class. Kanon then states that she will be the guest star in the upcoming Mai-High dance festival and asks if Chihiro and her band would be there to support her. Chihiro then said that she and her band will be competing at the school festival too greatly shocking her friends and Kanon. Chihiro then states that although she had a fun band , she wants their band to be more than that and she wants to be just as shining as Kanon. Chihiro's speech seems to have an effect on her peers as everyone supports her. They then asked Kodama to gave them the permission accepting the challenge.Later, as Kanon does a little dance while walking, Elsie is seen grabbing a mysterious guy to help her as the guy(none other than Keima) argues that he still have games to play and this is not his concern.

Back at class, Chihiro and Ayumi are discussing how to get full marks. Ayumi suggests getting Miyako to tutor them but Chihiro said that Miyako has left for cram school. As the two then ponders where Elsie is, she's back and is seen captured a very annoyed and angry Keima demanding why he is here. Elsie tells her friends that they need to get tuition from someone who's always scored full marks. Ayumi then angrily shouted that they don't need any help especially from "Otamega". Chihiro agrees with that statement. Keima then says that it is the same for him and he doesn't need to help tutor anyone and proceeds to leave. Elsie begins to beg Keima to stay as the band has many problems.Keima then responds that both Ayumi and Chihiro are girls that he had "conquered". Elsie says that they no longer retains their memories, and that Keima always helps his capture targets. Keima ultimately succumbs to Elsie's plead and finally agrees to tutor the girls for an hour. Ayumi and Chihiro are both agitated by Keima's "arrogant" behaviour but Keima ignores and begins to write on the blackboard the necessary information telling them that by analysing Kodama's personality, he deduced that this is probably what he will set. Both girls does not believe what Keima is saying, only to be told that studying in school is a waste of time and all he needs is the important knowledge to know things, he then tells the girls of how he managed to understand thousands of games and as such, he cannot afford to waste time. As the girls are scurrying over to copy down the notes, Keima begins to separate each girl and teaches one-on-one for better time management. Ayumi blushes and begins to argue that Keima should just teach the entire class. Ayumi further demanded Keima to stop calling her Ayumi (since calling someone by their name is something friends and family can say only). As Keima was about to answer, Kanon's sudden appearance shocked the former.

A shocked Ayumi asks that didn't she go home while Kanon replies that she was wondering what everyone was doing. Kanon then asks that are they studying for a test Keima says, "yes". Elsie then asks if Kanon could join in too since Keima's very smart. Elsie gives a brief summary about the situation as Keima once again, dragged her to a corner and said that there isn't enough time in addition that all three were his conquer targets. Chihiro then states that aren't they supposed to be studying. After Elsie's "persuasion" Keima agrees.

When Keima was teaching Ayumi, she says that she only made a 'few' mistakes and that she's not an idiot. She said that she's even gotten full marks during Middle school. Keima said that they should focus more on the studying part only to let the former access her cell-phone to confirm what she said by asking her mother. Later, Ayumi said that she's gotten full marks for elementary school. Keima then asks what about Middle school.

For Chihiro, she complains that why is it that he must be the one to teach her. Keima replies that this is not enjoyable for him too.Chihiro then asks Keima if he knew Kanon since the latter had been eyeing him for quite some time. Keima then said that it is probably her imagination as Chihiro agrees. Keima gets angry and asks Chihiro not to mock him.

For Kanon, Keima asks that why is she staring at him and Kanon apologises. Keima then asks what is wrong as Kanon saw his face, book, and PFP. Kanon then asks if they've met before. Keima said that what does she mean as Kanon begins to wonder if they really have never met. Keima then looks over to Ayumi and Chihiro as they hurriedly begins to "study". Keima then gives a angry look at Elsie and the latter reassured him that they really did not remember.

Keima then said that times up and goes home. As Ayumi and Chihiro begins to bad mouth Keima, Kanon asks if he is their friend to which both strongly deny. Kanon ask what does "Otamega" means and that both girls does not really know either. Chihiro then asks if Kanon knows about Keima to which she replied that she must've mistaken him for someone else. Miyako then appears and the girls are overjoyed to have another teacher to teach them. Keima is shown to play his PFP on the rooftop agian.

A few days later, ththe girls had indeed gotten full marks as Ayumi said that Keima was spot-on. They begin to console Elsie since she's the only one who had failed. As they returned to Kodama, he almost instantly agrees to their club as he framed Keima's paper up, saying that he is touched by their "efforts". As Kodama is about to leave, he even allows a "Sengoku war club" to be formed. Elsie then sees Keima's 99 percent grade on the picture frame. At the roof, Keima begins to wonder if the girls' memories have really faded. At the studio, Kanon shows Okada her excellent results and Kanon said that she had found something better than grades; new friends and perhaps, rivals. As the 2-B pencils begins to marvel at their new club, Chihiro and her band begins to sing.

3- "Saikai" ("Reunion")


Airdate: October 16, 2012

One Summer day, class 2-B was deserted. At the main hall of Maijima Private High School, the principal begin a speech as a familiar chuckle was heard and the laughter soon became louder and louder.

Keima Katsuragi was walking out of school and laughing maniacally before screaming out loud:


Keima then quickly organized himself and calculated that since he have finished all of his homework in half a day's time, the remaining 40 days to play his galges and that means Keima gets to play for 1000 hours and for some reason, Elsie hasn't been in school for two days.

For Keima, this means that he can finally play his games without any hindrances now. Keima then made one final laugh at the prospect of gaming for 1000 hours. Keima waste no time to tell his mother that he'll go get some games to play and will disappear for about 40 days but assures her that she do not have to worry. Just as Keima was about to leave, Mari grabbed him as Keima fails his arms demanding to let him get his 1000 hours but was stopped in the end. Mari then told Keima if he still remembers about the Ayukawa family ten years ago.

Mrs. Ayukawa re-introduced herself and asked if they remembered them. Keima said that he doesn't, which his mother, Mari, punched him again. Mrs. Ayukawa then told her own daughter, Tenri, to say her greetings as well but upon seeing Keima's face, she quickly hung her head down and played with her bubble wrap.

Mrs. Ayukawa then quickly told Tenri to introduce herself as Tenri asked who was it in a meek manner. Mrs. Ayukawa sighed as Keima quickly tried to rush out for his games while Mari tries to stop him.

"Nii-sama! I'm back!!!!"

Keima was trembling in anger (for hindering his chance to play games) as Elsie said that her trip took longer than expected as Elsie got a souvenir for Keima, a hellian Marimo. The Marimo then tried to chase Keima as the latter is running away from it.

Mrs. Ayukawa then asked when did Mari had a daughter as Mari said that it is a long story. Elsie then introduced herself as Mrs.Ayukawa thought that the Hellian Marimo is a toy. As Mari and Mrs. Ayukawa both apologized for their children's weirdness, as Elsie's sensor suddenly go off for a while.

After the Ayukawa family left, Keima managed to trap the Marimo as Mari came up and told him that Tenri and him were in the same class during elementary school as Elsie said that only half of them are visible though. Keima then said that he did recall an awkward girl in his class but yet, he didn't and he cannot help it much to Mari's chagrin.

Keima the said that it doesn't matter and that he will now go and play his games. Keima then said that he will see them in August as Elsie quickly tries to follow Keima. Mari the sighs and wondered if she raised Keima wrongly.

During the trip to Inazumart the next day, Elsie kept telling Keima that her sensor reacted to Tenri and that Tenri may have an escaped spirit in her while Keima was busy smiling at the prospect of his 1000 hours. Elsie then said that she needs to add Tenri to her list quickly so that the other squad members would not be able to capture the same target.

Keima then said how the summer vacation is more charming than any heroine as Elsie asked if Keima is actually listening to her at all. Elsie then said that Keima's childhood friend may be possessed as Keima said that Tenri cannot be defined as a "Childhood Friend". Keima then describes what is a childhood friend.

To be a childhood friend (Keima version) one has to acquire the following :

  • They Need to live as next door neighbours.
  • They need to have a Onii-chan~Imouto (Brother-sister) relationship.
  • They need to make Yaksoku (Promise) to an ending.
  • Then these things became Old memories.
  • And when reunited, their TAchiba (Position/Social Status) have changed.

And that is what a true childhood friend is. (According to Keima) Keima reprimanded Elsie that she should not label Tenri as a childhood friend so easily since in games, the childhood friend would always be a future mate. Keima then screamed saying that Tenri will not be able to do that as Elsie mumbles that Keima is the one who had really forgotten about it.

At the top floor, Tenri was standing there, but suddenly, her eyes changed color and she was shown to stand in front top of Keima but was still trembling. Keima then saw her as Tenri pushed him down the escalator and Keima got hurt. Tenri's eyes then changed back to normal and she quickly withdrew and asked what is she doing to herself. Keima asked what is wrong with Tenri as she ran off. Keima then chased Tenri, telling her to apologize as Tenri's speed slowly decreases.

"What's my problem? Why don't you ask yourself that question?" "T-Tenri?"

Elsie's sensor then activates and saw that Tenri (with red eyes) may be a runaway spirit.

"Despite my flawed sociability, I still went to your house yesterday and yet you told me that you 'don't remember' I've never been more hurt by what you have said. But it doesn't matter, I have no intention of being saved by you."

"Save? Save you from what? EH?!"

Tenri then falls down from the top floor as Keima hurriedly looked down but no one seems to noticed it as Tenri, unharmed, is walking away. Elsie then wondered why did her sensor stopped reacting as Keima wondered if what is inside Tenri really is a runaway spirit. Outside the shop, another duo has arrived in Maijima, an Old devil and her buddy had finally found their target, Tenri. The buddy, named Ryō, tells his partner, Nora that it is scary to go against her. Nora then said that it she had already assigned Tenri to her as Ryō said that it is finally their turn to shine.

In Joys R Us, Elsie told Keima that his childhood friend definitely had an escaped spirit inside her. Keima then said that Tenri is not his childhood friend as he browse through a series of games. Elsie then said that she will have Tenri to be under their case as Keima said that he doesn't want to.

Keima then think that it won't be hard for him anyways and that Tenri's split personality may be the result of a runaway spirit's work to manifest her true feelings. However, Keima recalls Diana's words from before and wondered what it meant.

At the same time, Tenri came to Mai-High as her "split personality" said that the place have indeed changed a lot as compared to ten years ago. Tenri then begins to play with her bubble wrap again as her other self told her that she is a high school student now an told her to stop playing with bubble wraps.

"J-Just leave me alone..."

"I worry for your future, Tenri"

"Diana, why did you do all of that just now?"

"Because you won't take the initiative so I figured that I might as well do it..."

"But...I can't...just start talking to him...."

"Tenri, if you do nothing, it will stay the same and nothing will happen. I, in my current state, cannot do anything yet hence, we need someone's help. However... that Katsuragi Keima...I cannot trust him. That person is the embodiment of callousness."

"I thought...Keima-kun would help for sure..."

After buying his games, Keima and Elsie were going home as Elsie told Keima that Tenri has been assigned to Nora. Keima was relieved since he don't have to capture Tenri but Elsie seems to be rather worried....

Tenri then reached the Akanemaru and laments that she'll go home now as Diana asked if Tenri really is alright with not talking to Keima. Tenri was about to reply, Ryō came out and tells Tenri that she is being consumed by a horrid monster called a runaway spirit and that he can help her.

Tenri got afraid of Ryō's talk and tried to ran away but she was stopped by Nora's and the latter to

ld her to at least hear finished what Ryō has to say. Nora then said that she is something like doctor and told her partner to continue. Ryō then took out some notes and continued his speech, saying that in order to capture the escaped spirit, one have to fill the gap in the heart with something else, be it money,love, fame or vengeance.

Nora then quickly used her hagoromo to view Tenri's thoughts. It turns out that the hagoromo displayed Keima's image and Ryō said that it's a guy. Nora then said that either Tenri loves him or hates him.

When asked, Tenri shook her head to both but Nora nevertheless, took it as a hate and said that she will help Tenri kill Keima.

Meanwhile, Elsie was telling Keima that Nora known for being able to quickly capture many escaped spirits, and one of which were half a day. Kema cannot believe it as Elsie said that Nora's methods were not as good. Sometimes, the reverse happened and the gaps of the hosts were actually increased.

Just as Keima said that it has nothing to do with him, Tenri rushed up and pushed Keima on the floor, dropping all of his games. Keima then angrily asked if Tenri hates him. Tenri, while panting, tells Keima that he is in danger and Keima instantly got strangled by Nora's hagoromo.

Nora the told her that she'll see Tenri later and flew off as Ryō handed Tenri a letter saying that they'll meet at Akanemaru again.

~~Letter Content:~~

A notice for public excecution.

We shall fill your heart's gap.

May you come at Maijima seaside Pork.

Nora and Bald Ryō

Ryō then got on his bicycle and told them that they'll wait for Tenri. Tenri quickly rushed to the park as Elsie tries to gather the games first. Nora the tied Keima up in Akanemaru's mast as Keima demanded to be let go as Nora says how good of a spirit hunter she is. Nora then calmly told Tenri that she will torment Keima.

Tenri then said that she don't hate Keima as Nora said that the sensor said otherwise and that because of Keima, she had a gap in the heart. Elsie then quickly flew here and told Nora that Keima is her buddy.

Nora then stepped on Keima, saying that she has more reasons to make Keima suffer now. Elsie then said that it is forbidden for Devils to act on their own when hunting escaped spirits. Nora then said that it is jut a principle and it is not absolutely forbidden. Nora then said that she cannot really count on her buddy since he's useless as Ryō laughed loudly not knowing that he had been made fun of.

Nora then said that she will have to make Keima go through something far worse than death as she used her hagoromo powers to peer into Kema's thoughts.

What is soon displayed turned out to be shocking for all of the people.

~~Keima's Desires~~

Yokkyun: "Keima-kun~~"

Keima: "Y-Yo-YOKKYUNNNNNNNN !!!!!"

Yokkyun: "Keima-kun, it's so good to see you !"

Keima: "'s really you right ? you've finally reached it...the other side of the ending !"

~~Desires Ended~~

Nora: "Wh-What the hell is this?"

Ryō: "What kind of wish is that?"

Elsie embarrassingly turned away and saw that Tenri was smiling and even mumbled that Keima hasn't changed.

Ryō: "Perhaps this could be the girl he likes?"

Nora: "Hmm...then I'll take this precious thing of yours...and crush it!"

Nora then ripped the hagoromo awhile Keima, still in his own world was shocked to see this development and screamed on the top of his lungs. Nora then tried to mock Keima asking how des it feel as Keima screamed on top of his voice.


And broke free from Nora's hagoromo, grabbing the latter as both feel into the sea. Keima angered that Nora "killed" yokkyun, chased her around the sea as Nora tries to ran away. Eventually, Keima was thrown back to the ship as Nora, feeling disgusted from Keima, flew off as Ryō ran away with her.

Elsie then grabbed Keima asking if he was okay as Tenri came up and apologized for the troubles house caused and told Keima and Elsie that she will go home now. However, Diana took over and told Tenri that Keima had driven Nora and Ryō away quite remarkably and said that Keima should protect them after all.

Meanwhile, Nora, feeling angered for what Keima did to her, begins to take some weapons and said that she will kill him. Ryō then said that if she did that, Elsie will die too. Nora then shrieked but shrugged it off. While walking, Keima asked why did he have to do this since it was Summer vacation but Keima suddenly recalled something from his past. When asked by Elsie, Keima said that nothing is wrong as Tenri directed Keima to the Old theater.

In the theater, Keima told Elsie that he cannot hide forever and since Nora wants to capture the spirit, he told Elsie to try and get one from the previous captures before Nora killed him.

After sending Nora away Keima sat down and began playing his PFP while Diana told him that Tenri said that he will be able to help them. Keima then said that if he had known this, he'll have gotten more batteries but Keima then felt a sense of deja vu.

Tenri then begin to play with her bubble wrap but Diana told her to be more brave and talk to Keima at least. Tenri then said that now is not the right time as Keima told Tenri not to depend on Diana (whom was thought to be the runaway spirit) too much.

Diana then asked what is a runaway spirit and that she will not forgive Keima if he should say bad things about her. Keima told Diana to keep quiet and asked why is he needed to save her.

Keima then asked if anything happened between them since she told im that she don't recall him also.

"I...have never forgotten...about Keima-kun...Keima-kun..please come with me."

As Keima followed Tenri, he asked where are they going while Tenri said that despite not being a student here, she had came here with Keima before. Tenri took out some titles and it revealed a man-hole in there, connected to a tunnel.

Keima peered inside the hole as Keima recalled that he did came here before and back then, he also worried about batteries....

To be continued.

4- "Kaikō" ("Chance Meeting")


Airdate: December 18, 2012

Floating on top of Maijima Private High School, Nora, with a giant mace, is looking for Keima and Tenri. She instructed Ryō to continue their search and states that she'll finish off Keima and flies away as Ryō struggles to keep up. At the same time, Keima and Tenri are in the small cave. As Tenri says that they'll reach the surface, Keima recalls parts of his past.

~~Ten years ago~~

A younger Keima leaves his house as his mother, Mari told him not to offend anyone or say bad words. Keima merely said a "hmph" and walked on as Mari told him to watch where he is walking. At the same time, Tenri's mother, Yuuko Ayukawa came up and gave Tenri her bento (lunch box)and reminded her daughter not to be so absent-minded.

Yuuko then said her good-mornings to Keima as Keima responded with a "Hmmm" before leaving as Mari came up and angrily told Keima to show more respect but soon, the two mothers were happily chatting away. Soon, Tenri followed Keima to school.

At Maijima Seaside park, Keima and his class is there par custom but while most of his peers were playing around, Keima was just sitting on the sand playing games. Keima's homeroom teacher, Ms. Aoi, told Keima to play around with the class as well but Keima replied that playing games will not make him wet or get hot as Ms. Aoi angrily hits Keima in the head and screams in despair about being a pain to teach Keima.

Keima then decided to enter to Akanemaru and hide himself there (with a blanket to cover him from the sun) and play his games in peace. However, a minor Earthquake seems to have caused a disturbance as he realized that the ship itself sailed far, far away from the main island.


Keima then recalled that someone else was with him and that person was Tenri. Tenri then replied that she did not have friends so she hide in the ship as well.

"I almost forgot about it..."

Just then, Diana slapped Keima.

"How could you have forgotten about such an important thing ? What is in that brain of yours ?"

Tenri then regain back control of her body as Keima walked on and told Teri to control her "other side" as Tenri apologized and said that Keima was always clam and collected so she thought it doesn't matter to him.

~~Ten years ago~~

Keima managed to come down Akanemaru using the sails as Tenri asked what is Keima doing. Keima responded by saying that he is looking for a way back to Maijima since it has been an hour since any rescue was made. Keima then said realized that he cannot swim back without spoiling his games.

As Tenri came down as well, Keima observed that the ship seems to be more battered than he thought and noticed a hole at the ship. Keima then descends down the hole and told Tenri that he'll take a look first. Tenri, unable to handle being alone, quickly descended down as well as Keima took out his game console and used it for light.

Tenri then said that it is still too dark as Keima quickly took out eight more consoles and with one in each hand, the duo explores the cave. As the duo continues, Tenri notes that there is a small lake as Keima commented that it is probably formed due to the waves that created the cave in the first place and logically concluded that it will probably lead to the surface.

Tenri then said that Keima sure is knowledgeable as Keima said that it is a common theme in games. As they continued, Keima finished a game somewhere and complains that he needs 100 batteries to as Tenri was shocked.


Keima then complimented Tenri on her memories as Keima himself thinks that he seems to have lost some portions of his memories after that. Keima then asked how did they get home.

~~Ten years ago~~

Keima then lied on a piece of flatland and complains loudly that he is tired and wants to finish his games. Keima then laments that he should have gotten more batteries and saw Tenri crying. Keima then told her to stop that as Tenri said that she is scared because it is dark and her stomach just growled.

Tenri then explained that she had kept her back-pack along with the other classmates as Keima sighed and gave her his lunch and some candies saying that he only need games to feel invigorated.

After finishing the meal, Tenri asked why is Keima so strong as Keima replied that he had not been into fights or anything like that so he is not strong. Tenri then said that Keima's act of not really caring about the reprimands made him strong and that even she is afraid to talk to him.

"So you're not afraid now ?"

Tenri blushed and replied that she is alright now. All of a sudden, all the lights in Keima's consoles were turned off as Keima complains that he just replaced the batteries. The cave then rumbles again as Keima realized that it is possible that another earthquake, stronger than before has started.

Keima grabbed Tenri and told her that they'll have to leave but a huge boulder hits him in the head as Keima lost consciousness. Tenri grabbed Keima and suddenly, a huge light emits from the cave. There, a large number of escaped spirits came.

Tenri, now alone, was backed by the cave and was trembling. Tenri told Keima that she is afraid and immediately, a huge number of escaped spirits tried to enter into Tenri.


"So in other words, while I was unconscious, you were being attacked by ghosts. There is a limit on the things you can made up ! At least, is what I want to say."

Keima then thought that they must be escaped spirits. Keima then asked Tenri how do they get away from here as Tenri stayed silent. Diana returned and told Keima that Tenri does not want to say anymore as Keima replied that he should be able to guess that this is where Diana met Tenri.

~~Ten years ago~~

As Tenri tried to push the escaped spirits away, they still persisted as Tenri began to cry.

"Save us...please...anyone, save us..."

"Run. The Wiess are frustrated because they cannot enter you. If you ran off now, you'll be alright. Escape now."

"Where do I run ? I don't know where are all the exits ?!"

"Regrettably, If I was in my former self, I would've saved you...However, if we help each other, i can get us out of here."

"For real ? Then please ! Save us ! Even if it's just Keima-kun !"

Diana then flies into Tenri and the newly possessed Tenri easily ran from the spirits, who gave a chase. Diana, now in Tenri's body, easily evades them and ran at high speeds, eventually reaching all the way to the Old Theater of Maijima Private high School. However, because the runaway spirits followed her and Keima, they too, managed to escape nearby and scattered all over the world.


Diana then said how it was heroic of Tenri to accept her to save Keima. Keima then got confused and said that why would Diana, a fellow runaway spirit be willing to help him and Tenri as Diana asked what is an escaped spirit.

Keima then gave a simple explanation on the escaped spirits and the Runaway Spirit Squad. Diana then said that they used to call them "Wiess". Keima then said that Diana clearly is something else.

Diana then said that the Weiss hated her and that she is one of those who sealed the Weiss and destroyed Old Hell many years ago. Just then, Nora quickly slammed right in and almost got Keima.

Nora then turned off her sensor and mocked Keima saying that he cannot escape from her. However, Ryō quickly dropped down as Nora told him to stop it as Ryō said that he is her buddy. Diana wastes no time before using a large rock and slammed right on top of both before leaving.

As Diana and Keima ran off to the surface of the exit. As Keima and Diana walked on the beach, Diana showed Keima a weakened Weiss and asked if it is a runaway spirit. Keima then said it is. Diana then gave him the Weiss and said that it will be given to Nora and Ryō and told him to take care of Tenri before leaving.

Meanwhile, Nora managed to break free as Keima quickly directed Tenri back to Akanemaru. Keima then ran and think that he will have Diana tell her more of the story...after the ending.

At Akanemaru, Keima laments that Nora knew that it would be difficult to remove escaped spirits and that it will not work if he gave it to her. Keima then heard a noise and he saw Elsie.

Elsie apologized and said that she cannot find any new escaped spirits at all. Keima then approached Elsie, telling her that she needs to make her hagoromo to make the escaped spirit Diana gave him look stronger Esie asked how did he even get one as Keima said that he have some instructions for her.

Tenri then looked on and wonder what is happening and is amazed that Keima is always so calm. Keima then came to Tenri and asked if Diana is really not a runaway spirit. Tenri replied that Diana is her precious friend. Keima then said that they will protect Diana then.

And to accomplish that, Keima and Tenri will have to be lovers. Keima then let Elsie proceed with the plan and told Tenri to just act along. Nora then came to Keima and told Keima not to make her work so much since she hates to work too much. Ryō also said the same as well since he won't be helping too much if Nora's bust is not so big.

Nora angrily kicked Ryō away and demanded Keima to hand over the runaway spirit. Keima then said that he won't do it easily and that he and Tenri never hated each other and that they are in fact, in love. Tenri then froze as Keima asked if it is true. Tenri looked at Keima and pushed him away a little saying that she cannot do such an embarrassing thing.

Nora then smiled and said that love is a dark emotion and that one cannot fill the heart's emptiness with such an emotion. Keima then said that Nora is just not knowledgeable about love at all.

Nora then got angry and said that Keima is unable to get the runaway spirit out and that he, himself, is the reason why Tenri is like that and insisted that Tenri hated him.

"Cut it out already. Never once have I hated him and ever since that day...I have always...loved Keima-kun..."

Keima then grabbed Tenri and kissed her and Elsie then opened the Detention Bottle and let the spirit out as Nora quickly tried to capture it.

Keima then apologized and said that this is now over and Tenri fainted. By dawn, Keima confirmed from Elsie that Nora is finally gone and apologized to Diana about Tenri. Diana then said that she has just known that Keima had connections to Hell and hence, he was able to stay composed all the time. 18 new home

The Ayukawas and Katsuragis are now neighbors again Diana then told Keima that Tenri fainted from extreme happiness and assure him that she will tell him more about the goddesses next time.

Eventually, the "soon" just happened almost one day later as Tenri came up (with her bangs trimmed) to the Katsuragi household saying that she is the new neighbor. Keima asked what happened as Mari said that previous owner, Taniguchi moved since her house was suddenly devastated and she was sick a few weeks ago.

Keima then glanced at Elsie as Mari said that she recommended the place later. Elsie greeted Tenri warmly as Tenri said that she looked forward to living near them.

5- "Magical Star Kanon 100%"


Airdate: June 18, 2013

The story begins with Kanon Nakagawa's concert as her fans are cheering her on. The concert then begins with Kanon's voice asking how her fans are and how she's elated to see them again. As the screen told the fans to have lots of fun today, Kanon prepared herself and jumped out and begin to sing, starting her concert.

At the Katsuragi household, Elsie was dancing to Kanon's songs again and she quickly tuned in to Kanon's show. When the show ended, Elsie hugged the TV and exasperated on how she wants to meet Kanon since the latter rarely shows up to school. Elsie then saw the newspaper and realized that there is an audition to be Kanon's little sister. Elsie huging tvElsie hugging her TV to show her love for Kanon. Elsie happily flies to the audition. Meanwhile, after the concert, Kanon was resting while Okada says that Kanon's next event was the audition that she had been waiting for. Kanon then said that she was a little shy about the audition for her little sister. Okada also said that because of Kanon's show she has gotten more little girls as fans.

Kanon then sneezed a little as Okada advised her to take a quick shower. Elsie then flew over but was unhappy that she was not allowed to get into the audition. The personnel explained that Elsie did not register earlier and that Elsie looked about the same age as Kanon too. Elsie then said that it's not the case as she's at least 300 years older than Kanon.

The security guard then tried to tell Elsie to leave. Elsie then fretted and wished that Keima would've taught her more on being good little sisters. Elsie's sensor then rang and she saw a runaway spirit entering the studio. Elsie tired to enter the place but was stopped. Nevertheless, Elsie used her hagoromo to incapacitate her subduers.

Elsie then rushed around knowing that the spirit was looking for a host and she have to capture it fast. At the same time, while Kanon was having a shower, the runaway spirit touched her. Kanon loli verKanon changed to a child. When Elsie saw that, Kanon cried and Elsie soon realized that Kanon was turned to a child. Elsie then used her Hagoromo and gave Kanon a dress and Elsie used her sensor on Kanon, and it turned out that Kanon was not possessed. However, there are many problems since Kanon's original body is needed for the audition.

Kanon then freaks out as Elsie told her to calm down and that she will handle everything-in which Elsie immediately calls Keima for help. Keima then refused to help out and said that capturing an escaped spirit is supposed to Elsie's speciality and that Keima is unable to do much about it.

By now, Kanon saw Okada and ran off while Keima said that right now, he have a major "battle" and that anon's condition is obviously done by the runaway spirit so Elsie going to capture it should solve the problem.

Elsie then turned to tell Kanon that she managed to find a way to return the latter back to normal but realized that Kanon was missing and was in a panic. Meanwhile, Kanon wonders what should she do as a security guard came and told her that the area is off limits but realized that Kanon was without a guardian. Okada then came up and saw how Kanon (child form) looks a lot like Kanon (adult form) and says how she looks like the real one.

Kanon then thought that it is because she is the real one as Okada believed that Kanon is also part of the audition as Okada eventually leads Kanon to her own audition. When being asked about the name, Kanon said that her name is Nakagawa Maron while Okada was surprised at the similarity. Kozue debutKanon meeting Kozue. At the set of the audition, many of the other participants were shocked to see how similar Maron is to Kanon as the runaway spirit from before managed to possess a cardboard display of Kanon and manifested itself. Maron then turned and asked someone what's wrong as the girl said that she does not feel as cute as the others.

Maron then said that it's not true and that the ribbons suited her and she looked really cute. The girl then praised Maron for looking so similar to Kanon as Maron laughed dryly on it and said how she loved Kanon. The girl too, confessed that she loved Kanon immensely as Maron wonders what should she do.

later, when it was said that "Kanon" was about to appear, Maron was shocked since she's right here as the fake Kanon appears. Later, the girl, Kozue said that she wonders if Kanon really can use magic. Maron was then elated to know about the kids' feelings but quickly snapped out of it due to her current predicament.

Elsie then wandered to the set and saw Maron but was surprised to know that there are two of Kanon. Then, Elsie's sensor rang and she quickly tries to capture the runaway spirit but was kicked out by the security. EvilKanonThe runaway spirit Kanon capturing other participants. Later, while the audition is about to begin, Kozue was nervous as Maron leaves to find Elsie. Maron was confused as Elsie said that the other Kanon is fake and is a runaway spirit is disguise (Maron was confused) as Elsie was about to warn them. As it turns out, the runaway spirit was there to find the girl with the biggest gap in their heart to possess her. The staff members were also confused with the fake Kanon's erratic behavior.

When Kozue appears, the fake Kanon then found out it's new host and approached to Kozue. Elsie then barged in and told the staff that the Kanon there was a fake and maron was the real Kanon as Maron said that because of her being stuck as a child, there is no way for her to prove it.

However, Maron then decides to prove it by singing. Maron then begins to sing Love Call as the song affected the runaway spirit that revealed it's true form. While the staff are shocked, the spirit knocks them out and begins to absorb the gaps in the other participant's hearts. Elsie tried to use her detention bottle to capture the spirit but was soon thrown off.

The spirit then tried to capture Kozue but was blocked by Kanon's song being sung by Kozue for a while being eventually being captured. Maron was blown off and thought that this has to be a bad dream. Elsie then called out to Kanon and asked what should she do while Elsie said that Kanon's songs apparently affects the runaway spirit since the spirit's minus energy and Kanon's plus energy are countering one another. MagiKanon loliKanon turns to a magical girl. Elsie then told Kanon to defeat the spirit using her song as maron steels herself thinking that she will do it dream or no dream. Maron then transforms to Magical girl Kanon and she will save everyone.

At the roof, the runaway spirit siphons away the the minus energy from the gaps within the heart and turned it's direction to Kozue. As the tentacles were about to reach Kozue, Kanon then flew up and said that she will defeat the monster. Kanon then sings Happy Crescent as Kozue cheers on. while singing, Kanon slowly turned back to her normal self and weakens the spirit enough for Elsie to capture the spirit. Elsie then came to Kanon and congratulated her as Kanon fell on the ground due to exhaustion. Grownup MagiKanoKanon regaining her original look.

Later, when Kanon woke up, Okada said that things were really strange and how everyone was sleeping as Kanon tells herself it was all a dream. Kozue then came up and said that Kanon can really use magic as Kanon bend down and told her that it's a secret.

Elsie was returning back home as she's glad that she's managed to capture the spirit quickly and Kanon was really cool and perhaps Kanon should replace keima as a buddy. While looking at the captured spirit, she feels as if the spirit looks a little incomplete as her sensor rings again and a tiny portion of the spirit touches her, turning Elsie to a child this time. Loli elsieElsie being turned to her child form.

In the end, the winner of the Kanon Nakagawa little sister is revealed to be Kozue as Kanon walks towards her and says that she looks forward to having her as her little sister while Koue was overjoyed.

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