Kakambal ni Eliana
General Information
Type Philippine Live Action
Created by Kakambal ni Eliana
Years on Air 2013
Episodes 93

English Title: Eliana's Twin


The story revolves around the life of Eliana, a girl who was born with a black snake attached to her back. The reptile wraps itself around her hand every time she experience extreme emotions like sadness or anger. She spends her life hidden in a basement, until she manages to get away. In the process, she strives to find out the truth about herself and her family.

She will eventually discover new things and meet people that will eventually change her life. In the outside world, she meets new friends and two of them, Gabo and Julian fall in love with her. Gabo is a street-smart lad who accepts Eliana for who she is, while Julian is a fashion photographer who is bewildered by Eliana's beauty, not knowing that she has a snake twin. However, she also meets her rival, Margarita, who is Julian's model-girlfriend,and who is,unknown to anyone,her half sister.

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