Kagaku Tokusou-tai Borg Ranger
Pac lborg ranger
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Motoharu Takauji
Years on Air 2010
Movies 1

Japanese Title: 科学特捜隊ボーグレンジャー

English Title: Science Special Search Party Borg Ranger

Airdate: March 12, 2010


When she was a young girl, Helen Mizusawa suffered from delicate health. But Helen has had a special operation and gained a strong body, and now she is reborn as Borg Heart, a member of the Borg Rangers, fighting the crime syndicate Kriminer. One day her special unit is assigned a task of transporting a meteorite “Solar Stone” to National Institute of Paranormals. By just mixing the powdered “Solar Stone” with any explosives, the explosion power increases by 100 times. Borg Spade becomes a decoy and Heart delivers the stone. However, their moves are all monitored through a spy, and Cursler, the bandage monster sent from Kriminer, confronts Borg Heart. Using demonic magic, Cursler attacks Heart. The battle is a tough one for her, but she manages to escape and conceals “Solar Stone.” Cursler catches up with Borg Heart later and she fights pretending she is still holding the stone, but she is finally caught by Cursler using dark magic. Heart is subjected to cruel tortures, but she wouldn’t tell anything about the stone. In the end “Dark Talon,” high-rank officer of Kriminer, shows up before the desperately resisting heroine. [HAPPY END]

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