Jikuu Tokusou Timely Five
Pac ltimely five
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Eiji Kamikura
Years on Air 2010
Movies 1

Japanese Title: 時空特捜タイムリーファイブ

English Title: Timeagent Timely Five

Airdate: July 09, 2010


In the year 22XX, a time-space investigator Miki is chasing a criminal Dogura. Dogura fights back, however, killing the captain who tried to protect her, and Miki fails to arrest the fugitive. Dogura and his gang use the time-traveling device they have taken away from the murdered captain, and the machine’s glitch causes them to go back through time to the past, 2010 AD. To hunt down the Dogura gang, the vengeful heroine Miki also travels to the past with Timely Five’s newly invented equipment Timely Suit. No one can stop the gang’s crime spree in the city of Tokyo in 2010, as technologies that can suppress the gang’s activities have not been invented. Miki corners Dogura and his men, together with a valiant investigator Ryuichi, who is a dead ringer of the deceased Timely Five captain. Wearing the new costume, Miki becomes Time Venus to fight the Dogura gang. But the enemy takes advantage of her still imperfect Timely Suit, and Miki gets caught while wearing inner suit, and she is tortured by the enemy who wants to know how to operate the time-traveling bracelet. Miki was able to escape because of quick-thinking Ryuichi, but later Ryuichi himself gets captured. With Ryuichi held hostage Miki cannot fight back, and after being terribly tormented, she is subjected to electric tortures and drill tortures ripping off her Timely Suit. When Miki suffers pains that seem endless, her bracelet malfunctions, and Miki is sucked into a time rift with Dogura. Can Miki defeat Dogura and go back to the future? How will the chase through time and space end? [BAD END]

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