Jikuu Senshi Julia
Pac ljikuu senshi julia
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Years on Air 2006
Movies 2

Japanese Title: 時空戦士

English Title: Space Fighters

First Movie: Jikuu Senshi Julia

Airdate: April 14, 2006

Bionut is one of the 48 Earths that exist within a warped space that is similar that of the ring of Mebius. The tyrant of this world, Medo schemes to seize and bring under his control all the Earths. However, a resistance called ”Force” that attempts to stop Medo from carrying out his plan and save the savior that exists on the only Earth that is left, sends in a woman warrior named Julia. Julia sneaks into Earth and under the disguise of a high school student begins her search of the savior. However, to her surprise, she finds that a classmate named Kasumi Morinaga, who keeps tagging along with her is the savior that she is looking for! Medo who finds out about this, uses a space teleportation device to send Medo troops one after the other to Earth where Kasumi resides. Will Julia be able to stop Medo in his tracks and protect the savior?!

Second Movie: Jikuu Senshi Lena

Airdate: April 28, 2006

Pac ljikuu senshi lena
Julia goes off alone to protect Kasumi Morinaga, the savior of Earth from the hands of Medo, the tyrant of Bionut, a world controlled by machines. However, she is pushed into a terrible pinch when battling against Mira, the formidable woman warrior of the Medo Battalion! Fortunately, Julia is rescued by her older sister Lena, the Force’s most formidable woman warrior who appears just in the nick of time. In order to get rid of Lena and Julia who are flies in the ointment to Medo, crushing his plans one after the other and standing in the way of his ambitions, he sends a new machine assassin after them! And, a final battle with the fate of Earth at stake is launched. Will Lena and Julia be able to protect Kasumi as well as regain peace on all 48 Earths?!

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