Jiinglíng Mèng Yeluo Li
General Information
Type Chinese Cartoon
Created by Zhaizhi Hai
Years on Air 2012-Ongoing
Seasons 6 + Ongoing
Episodes 130 + Ongoing

Chinese Title: 精灵梦叶罗丽


Season 1

The story is about an ordinary girl called "Wang Mo" and her friends, and their adventure into a magical wonderland. This world is ruled by the evil queen Manduo La, who sealed the real Queen with an evil spell, and want to occupy the human world converting the humans into her slaves. YeluoLi fairies, who deguises as YeluoLi dolls, are the only who can stop her and protect the two worlds. With the help of their human masters (Wang Mo and her friends), together they step on the adventure to save the queen and the world.

The story is full of fun, fantasy, drama and full of plot. The characters have the beauty of classical Chinese style, but also a modern touch with stylish atmosphere.

Season 2

After the story of season one, the evil queen Manduo La captured two of the YeluoLi fairies: KǒngQuè and LuoLi. The rest of the group return the magical wonderland for the rescue. The wonderland became much more danger than before. Can they complete the mission, and save the world? Let's wait and see.

Season 3

In the season 2,FēiLíng choosed to sacrifice,so that,the evil queen's plan failed. The evil queen than locked FēiLíng in the mirrored dimension. Can QíNà save FēiLíng,and go back to the happier old days? Can QíNà,who had lost her power,regain her faith?Can HēiXiāngLíng and FēngYínShā ,who were been kept in two diffent mirrored dimensions,meet again? Can FēngYínShā go back to the human world? Can JiànPéng and LiàngCǎi get their power back?......All in the Season 3 of Jiinglíng Mèng Yeluo Li !!

Episode List (Seasons 1, 2, 3)

Episode List (Seasons 4, 5, 6)

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